Wednesday 12 September 2012

mooncakes ♡

Been about 2 weeks since I got back from KL and boy, my mom's stuffing me with food like crazy. It's food trip all the time or like all day long, on most days... GAHH. Reminds me of my NS days when I had like 6 meals a day! LOL. But that was then-lah.

I'm like "OMG. How can you eat some more? I can't catch up with you..." Believe me you, I tell my mom this every single time.

I didn't quit mind though when she asked if I wanted some mooncakes. The mooncake festivals are just around the corner so there's many stalls selling a humongous variety of mooncake!!! And they're decorated in the pretties boxes and packaging ever especially the gift sets ones! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

We bought a box of four different flavors of our choice~ Check them out!!

from Bakers' Cottage

opening da box *drumrolls*

mooncakeyyyy~!! *drool*

Check out the designs on each of them. Truly a work of art!!


Imperial Ivory~ Lotus filling with a salted yolk~

Pure lotus! Mom's favorite~!

Pearl of Harmony with red bean filing. I likey~

Dad and mom wanted more so we head to town in the evening to get them. Walah~ This time we got the more traditional, homemades one which isn't as colorful or fanciful like other commercialized ones. Dad says they're Teochew-style mooncakes.

We bought 3 different flavors. Mom got 2 'Mixed nuts' ones since she says it was highly recommended by her friend, dad got something with the yam filling and i got my durian flavored one. Teehee~ I just like to try anything durian!

just a simple packaging~

traditional mooncakes

mixed nuts mooncake~

Doesn't seem so appetizing, does it? They've got a slightly sticky texture and is really very nutty. I didn't like it. It taste funny. It's my first time trying mooncake with dried minced pork_I think-lah_ filling...

I'm hoping the durian flavored one doesn't have minced pork in it ,(>A<,) Hahahaha. Trying it tomorrow for tea time.


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