Saturday 22 September 2012

JMagLoversXSacchan Collaboration

I'm back to introduce an awesome site which dedicated itself to 'offering their service to purchase ViVi and Ray Malaysia magazines and address them to you".

[caption id="attachment_2678" align="aligncenter" width="491"] my personal copies of Ray and ViVi September issues (^v^/)[/caption]

After my post on ViVi Malaysia premiere English issue last July, I've got a message from a reader/visitor to my site from UK who wanted to purchase the magazine but could not find a site that sells one. I did came across one_JMagLovers_via fb, and I thought it'll be a good idea to share with my readers lah.

Only in September, did we decided on a 'collaboration' thingy. It's basically just me helping them advertise and in return, my readers will get to enjoy a discount ☆-(≥vO)v

So walah~~


Here's what JMagLovers has got to offer:

♥ As mentioned earlier, JMagLovers offers to purchase magazines and deliver them to you. Best of all, they offer to deliver WORLDWIDE at the cheapest rate! (^o^/)

♥ Currently, it offers only two magazines Ray S'pore&M'sia edition which is the first Japanese fashion magazine to be translated into English and ViVi Malaysia, also in English.

Preview of their homepage:

[caption id="attachment_2693" align="aligncenter" width="491"] Simple & pretty webpage design! It has a blog too~![/caption]

From JMagLovers' shop

[caption id="attachment_2698" align="aligncenter" width="491"] from JMagLovers 'Shop'[/caption]

JMagLovers has included the shipping cost and a small fee into the price. The rates for the magazines are categorized based on their location, which they've divided into 2 zones. More info, go look up at their F.A.Q. page ↓

[caption id="attachment_2697" align="aligncenter" width="491"] JMagLovers F.A.Q. page on Shipping&Delivery[/caption]

You can check out their site here at

or, simply scan this QR code that is link to their shopping page!

jmagloverswebsite QRcode

And now, for the discounts!!♥♥

In conjunction with this advertisement collaboration with JMagLovers and as my birthday gift to you guys,


my awesome followers and readers are entitled for a

15% OFF!!*

                                    ♡ ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ♡ ♡       Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ

purchase of either or both ViVi and Ray Magazines!!

It will direct you to a page the JMagLovers team made. They just had it completed a while ago! Awesomeness!! Initially we wanted to make discount coupon/codes but since they were short of time to write codes for that, the JMagLovers team decided on a special page instead and the link's only available on my blog.

My readers are special.


Just something to take note however, *this promotion is only valid for purchase of the current September 2012 or the upcoming issues for the month of October 2012.

The JMagLovers team is currently working on more future promotions and psst, there might even open up for subscriptions in future ,(OvO)b Don't miss out on these promotions_like their Facebook Fan page! ♡♡


  1. Which magazine do you like best? I'd love getting one but not sure!♥

  2. I like them both 'cuz they've got so many awesome outfits!! I can spend hours and days going through them (^o^ /)

    But if I've got to choose, I actually prefer Ray better 'cuz it has more girly, cute outfits. ViVi ones give the kind of mature otona feel. What kinda gyaru style are you into?

  3. I rather more cute kawaii outfits! I don't wear that kind of fashion but I really love the colorful pics and inspiring makeup ♥

  4. Agree on the colorful pics n inspiring makeup~! (^o^/) I actually would love to get some clothes from the mags but they're expensive (,TvT,)

  5. waaah I would love to buy one! Hmmmm but which one ^o^
    Are they both in english?

  6. Ray would surely suit your style! (>v</) It's got loads of kawaii outfits~~

    And yeah, they're both in English,(≥vO)v

  7. Ray it is then! This will be my first jmag I never knew they came in english! ^_^

  8. awesome~! hope u enjoy reading it!! ( ´ ▽ ` ノ)


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