Friday 31 August 2012

my confession

... I'm a neat freak. I can't stand mess. So when I moved back to home sweet home late in the evening 2 days ago, I just have to start unpacking and do some cleanup. Easily said then done. I've got mess enough to occupy 2 rooms. Got a headache just looking at them. Everything's everywhere.

fml (,T.T,)

Went to bed with a headache last 2 nights 'cuz I didn't get to clear all my stuff up, like seriously.

So today I'm so glad I get a time out not to have to clean everything since my family and I was at Penang to get do some prayers. It's the Hungry Ghost month already so we were making offerings to relatives_long gone_ and praying etc..

And I got my fortune told only for 20 cents. LOLOL. There's this fortune telling machine with a small statue of errr... a god and there's the cyclomancy spinning wheel in it. So you insert the coin, the wheel spins and pin point to a certain number and you go collect your own fortune paper.

Here's a part of what my fortune paper or Chiam Bee says~

It basically says I'll be having superb luck. LOL.


But dafuq since when I have a pregnant wife???!! ROFL. Overall, it sounds really good and I'm having my fingers cross so that whatever's written on it will come true. I got a couple of projects and stuff coming up so of course I want them to work out. Owh. it mention something about my love luck too. I'm like HARHARHAR at that part. Still, kami-sama!!! Grant whatever else that's written on it, an exception to the pregnant wife part lah.

I'll work my part and do my best (ง •̀_•́)ง

Now le me off to bed. This weekend's gonna be a busy one!

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