Tuesday 7 August 2012

Shopping & Hauls

August 2012 ViVi Malaysia issue is finally out~ Been hunting for one for weeks! X(

ViVi Malaysia 3rd Issue

Now I got so many magazines to read. Downloaded the entire 2012 issues of SEDA magazine scans and even Mori Girl Lesson scans I got from a Mori Girl blog I've been frequenting the past weeks. Gonna check out Fudge too after I finish reading all the scans.

OMG, I'm so obsessed with everything Mori these days!!ヾ(@♡▽♡@)ノ

SEDA July2012 Issue

Earlier this year I said I wanted to do some wardrobe overhauling, gyaru-style and now that I've got some time_and some cash_been shopping around KL. I'm IN LOVE with this one boutique at Tropicana City Mall called Lovely Charms Boutique! Frequented the boutique a couple of times and my colleague introduced me to the owner so now we're like good buddies. LOL.

Here's 2 apparels I got from her boutique_a stripe, peplum(?!) top which is so Tsubasa-inspired and this really sweet dress with lace collar. I can never get enough of laces, I tell you!

I actually purchased the top first and overlooked the dress. So when my colleague and I dropped by to chat and I saw the dress and I fell in love at first sight but was strap for cash, she had it reserved specially for me! Obviously, I got it-lah WITH a belt she gave me. I'm loving her boutique more! (TvT/)

hauls for my gyaru wardrobe makeover~!

Ooohhh~!!! Also, she has this array of really awesome handmade rings which I also fell in love with! Trust me, I don't remember how so many ended up in my shopping bag(*/∇\*)

swooning over my new collection of rings! かわいい to the max~

Did I mention there'll be a new collection of the rings coming in end of this month? Well there will be. And guess who's gonna be the first to check them out? LOL. If I'm still around KL, that's it. I'm gonna miss the boutique when I get back to my hometown. She does have a fb page but doesn't sell the stuff online... ,(T^T,)

Anyway, here's my accessories hauls this month. Got some really pretty necklaces for my sis and I~

prezzie for sis's belated bday

pretty boho beaded necklace~!

I wore both the blouse and the necklace(as a bracelet) last weekend when I went hanging out with my bestie~ Paired it with my blush-colored lace handbag I got for a bargain early summer and my scallop lace skants a.k.a. skirt pants I got online ♡

Photo isn't so clear since I only took a quick shot in front of the elevator. Didn't wanna look like a camwhore b*tch there. A lil' too late for that maybe? *shrug*

Gyaru コーディ #01!

Other accessories I got~! I'm really obsessed with Gingham checkered, an influence from Ray mag.

A pair of earrings and plenty of bows hair clips!
While shopping around at Sunway Pyramid, I found this really awesome booth_ Gemini Leather selling colored leather accessories! The bright, bold colored flowers made of leather really got my attention. Swooning over they keychains, earrings and necklace.

OMG. I want them all!!!

Leather Daisies Keychains photos from Gemini Leather fb page

Leather Flower Earrings photos from Gemini Leather fb page

Leather Flower necklace photos from Gemini Leather fb page

Also, I found this shop Mori Zakka, as the name have suggested, the cutest Mori-inspired shop I've ever(and only) come across in KL! Their dressing room is so cute with a tiny window on the dressing room door covered with a curtain. Found a crocheted cardigan which I really like but decided against buying it since it was too expensive... :(

Mori Zakka @ Sunway Pyramid

photo from Mori Zakka fb page

That's all from my recent shopping spree this time~ Will update more on my gyaru makeover in some other post. Another Majolica Majorca review coming up next. If you haven't read my review on Majolica Majorca's Psychedelicious Summer '12 collection, you can check it out here.

Lots of Love! ☆-(≥vO)v


  1. i wish we had shops like that in the uk your so lucky LOL so cute =^o^= xox
    i love your blog hun <3

  2. So cute! Oh, I should check out that blog for the Mori scans. Maybe it'll give me some ideas. ;3

  3. (>v<)/ yeapie~ check out SEDA. i think they're much better than the Mori Girl Lesson mags


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