Monday 27 August 2012

random stuff~

Got my hair dyed just last weekend~!

I wanna cry...(,TAT,)

LOL. It isn't about the color. I'm crying 'cuz I'm so-o-o gonna miss my hairdresser back in Kajang. My part time work officially ended today and I'll be heading back home on Wednesday. I won't get to do my hair in Kajang anytime soon and got to find a new salon:(

I've always been getting my haircut here and just last year found a salon I really like. Credits goes to the hairdresser in World of Hair Salon for my new hair color. I actually wanted something 'orangey brown' and was expecting a really dark shade of chocolate with a hint of orange but the guy got me something a lil 'brighter' and it turns out really nice.

How should I describe it? Different? Just something I needed_a change.

OMG I'm seriously gonna miss that salon. It's not easy to find a hairdresser who can dye you hair in colors you'd never imagine of having and pull it off so easily.

And ooh~ my colleague got me this one cute printed pink dress as a farewell gift. So sweet of her(TvT/)

Last day at work but I still had loads of stuff to do. My hands and fingers hurt so much from working with the keyboard I thought my muscles almost snap or something... Can't wait to get home and hibernate. Still gotta do some packing and stuff later so I'll just excuse myself and pass out for nao.

  okthxbaidropdead (X_X)

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