Monday 6 August 2012


Mornin' peeps! It's actually 15 minutes to 3pm on a Monday here but I get to sleep in since it's a public holiday

(^v^/) Weeee~~!!

Had an adventurous weekend last two days. Since my classes ended last month, I had more time to explore places around KL and I've been having good food all week for the past two weeks. You can check out the stuff I've tried in my previous post. There were more to it like the Vietnamese pork noodles and Japanese salmon porridge which I didn't get snapshots of X(  But anyway, I got a lots of food shots from last weekend.

Petaling Street

Was shopping for crafting supplies with my buddies around Jalan Petaling~ We spent a couple of hours just hunting for crafting stuff at Macy's and a couple other shops. Had lunch at one of the kopitiams there.

Pork with rice~

Duck rice and herbal tea to go with it~[/caption]

Yesterday was shopping around Sunway Pyramid with bestie.

yesterday's coordinator ♦ 昨日のコーディ

LOL. Camwhored while waiting for the elevator that takes forever to arrive.

While shopping around, we saw this booth called Mochi Sweets selling an array of colorful mochi and me being me, I just got to try some of them!

Colorful mochi imported from Japan!

I opted for the Peach Cream and Mango Yogurt mochi while my friend chose the more 'traditional' flavors like Black Sesame and Red Bean flavored mochi. They all taste great(we shared our mochis~!) and I especially love my Mango Yogurt one. The Peach Cream flavored tasted a lil' bit like chewing gum at first bite. LOL.

My peach cream and mango yogurt mochi!

Dinner time I decided to get a lil' adventurous with my food and bestie recommended this Taiwan(?) restaurant called Bar.B.Q. Plaza. We ordered the economy set for 2.

Slices of pork, udon and some veges

It didn't look like it but it's actually really filling!

Some pork(?) fat for cooking and dip for the BBQ

The dip goes really well with the BBQ. We kept having the sauces refilled_It was so-o-o yummy!

Garlic rice
BBQ time!

After dinner, more window shopping!! Bestie decided to have ice cream from Dokomon @ Asian Avenue. I had only a few spoonful since I was already very stuffed at Bar.B.Q.!

Dark Chocolate ice cream

Food trip didn't end there just yet. Drove to USJ9 for a drink.

In House Cafe around USJ9

LOL. It was the badminton finals yesterday and almost everyone there had their eyes glued to the screen supporting LCW.

Ordered yogurt drink for myself while bestie got herself some pearl milk tea.

my 'Sunrise' ice blended yogurt with passion fruit

We even had dim sum for supper :S

Steam Custard Buns

Prawn dumplings!

Later we chatted at bestie's place and she offered some chocolates and soup but I was like wdf, I can't eat anymore. But I still had a cup of coffee before leaving. LOL. Gotta keep myself awake while driving (>vO)

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