Tuesday 22 May 2012

SexyGirl Perfect Cut UV (SPF 50) Review

Finally! A review for my SexyGirl hauls! I've bought these two items. The first one is SexyGirl Perfect Cut UV Spray in SPF 50+ at RM27!

Perfect Cut Spray in Candy Berry scent~!

Aren't the packaging cute? It's so pink ♥

I haven't heard of this brand before until I spotted it going up for sale on HiShop and decided to give it a try. Been hunting for a good sunblock for a while now. I've got like 2 others in my room but my Eucerin has expired and I left it lying around in my room.

The Eucerin's White Solution Whitening Body Lotion isn't exactly a sunblock but previously I was just looking for some body lotion to repair my skin and treated it as a sunblock. But I realized SPF7 wasn't enough to protect my skin during the day and only use it at night.

Watson's & Eucerin sunblock~
Previously I even had Banana Boat sunblock, but I don't like the fragrance so I gave it away. After that, I got myself Watson's Ultra Protection Body Spray. I got this because I wanted to try spray-on sunblock when they were still new in the market and Watson's brand was one of the cheapest available(I'm that cheapskate!).

Watson's brand sunblock with SPF 50

While it does serve its purpose, it makes my skin looks oily since it doesn't absorb well into the skin. So I don't like wearing it to classes or I'll end up looking like a contestant in a body builder competition(they oil their body to make it look shiny!)


Now, I'm only using it when I go for a swim(it's waterproof!) or jog.

here's to illustrate how greasy it is...

Anyway, back to my new Sexy Girl aerosol-spray,  so there's 2 options of Perfect Cut spray fragrance_Candy Berry and Happy Peach. I got mine in Candy Berry and I love the scent! It's sweet and while it can appear strong when spraying, it leaves a really subtle but noticeable scent.


Perfect Cut UV SPF50+ in Happy Peach


SexyGirl QR code!

Nozzle dispersing ultra-fine mist in all direction

This spray disperse an airy sort of feel unlike the Watson's more 'solid' spray.

And this is how it looks like sprayed 10-20cm_as the instruction indicated_ away from my hand~!

A very light, almost not visible texture

Here's what I think about the SexyGirl spray-on sunscreen after trying it out for a couple of days

The plus side of this sunblock:

♥ contains hyaluronic acid, which is a commonly found ingredient for skin hydration

♥ it's light and absorbs really quickly!

♥ doesn't give out a shiny appearance

♥ pleasant, not so overpowering sweet berry scent

♥ not too bulky or heavy to fit into handbag

♥ waterproof

The flaws :

♦ claims that scent can last up to 6 hours, but the scent wears off after 3 hours or less

♦ because of the not so 'solid' dispersion of the mist, I'm worried the coverage may be a little uneven but I can't tell yet in this short duration of usage

♦ expensive for a small can

♦ I can't tell if it's still there! Not sure if it's really a bad or good thing but I'd spray again every 2-3 hour and put on a thicker coating if I'm outdoor for long hours

Besides this aerosol sunscreen, SexyGirl also has other range of products for face, hair and body care~ You can find SexyGirl products in Malaysia at SaSa outlets and even get it online, free shipping from Zalora! ,(^v^,)

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  1. Great review! Sounds like a good product. I also have the watsons one because it was so cheap and i was desperate, hahaha. Agree on how it's too oily!

  2. Thank you!! (*゚▽゚*) So far this product's good. LOLOL~ U have a lot of body care stuff, eh?

  3. Correction.. I just have alot of sun protection HAHA


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