Thursday 3 May 2012

Magazine woes

Just got myself this May issue of Popteen with Tsubasa on the cover.

[caption id="attachment_1764" align="aligncenter" width="490"] Translated Chinese version of Popteen[/caption]

Some might have realized this was supposed to be last month's issue but over here, in Malaysia,  they issue Popteen's mags a month later which means I only get the Japanese April issue in May, what's more, they're all translated to Chinese!!! (T^T) Sadness to the max! I purposely went all the way to KL just to find it but couldn't so I decided to get the Chinese version one even though I can't read it at all....

I was actually really eager to try out this one hairstyle here but then found out some of the pages were missing!!! And this includes the hairstyle page and a few others. Like wtf! The original Japanese version has over 150 pages and this one ends at 120-something. Whyyyyyy???!!


And because I really wanted to try out the hairstyle, I went hunting for the scans at the site I usually go for my dose of monthly Japanese magazine but....

[caption id="attachment_1763" align="aligncenter" width="490"] Wanna try styling my hair into the bun(bottom left page)[/caption]

... the scan isn't complete (TAT)

Anyone knows how to do that hair updo?

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