Sunday 27 May 2012

Feast your eyes!

More foodography! Continuation from previous post (^v^/)

Day 4

Something simple for dinner~

It doesn't look very appetizing but it's yummy!

Especially the sweet and sour pork_my all time favorite from one particular shop in Semenyih♥

sweet and sour pork, stir fry kangkung and steam tofu~

Day 5

Maggi goreng cheese from Ibrahim Maju!

Stir fried noodles WITH CHEESE!!!

And a little something extra for supper~

guess what's inside?


Day 6

Trying something different from Pizza Den_chicken briyani!

OMG yum!

 Briyani rice~ there's chicken and potato hidden beneath the huge pile of rice!

some sour-ish 'gravy' to go with the briyani

Day 7

wild boar curry~

Actually ordered rice to go with it and asked the cook to put them in this container my housemate lent me(for the sake of being more environment-friendly) but they thought I wanted to order a whole pot of it! WTH.

So I went home and cooked some noodles and mashed them up. Not bad~

curry wild boar noodles~

Took photos of the food another housemate had. She got them delivered from Idi's(Yeah, we got loads of shops around doing to-your-doorstep delivery here).

Just some normal fried rice~

Cheese&ham omelette!! OMG! MORE CHEESE!!

peek-a-boo! see da cheese~!

Some vege~

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