Wednesday 30 May 2012

Summer's in the air~!

Yaaayyyy~!!! Finally!! The semester's over~! (TvT/)

After my last presentation yesterday, I've been sleeping a lot! After my evening nap went to get myself a haircut(been depriving myself of one for 6 weeks!) and then gotten myself more beauty sleep later that night~ Weeee~

What a total bliss~! Just the other night I was sleeping on the desk(less than 30 minutes only!*sniff*) trying to do a last minute preparation for my presentation which I only started preparing right after my last paper. I had only 48 hours to prepare and was still mending my slides while waiting for my turn! But the presentation went pretty well!

I'd say it was the most awesome presentation I ever did!!

f*ck yeah presentation!

I'm so over the moon for many other reasons too~♥

For one, my hauls are all arriving!! I'm waiting for this one package I got from Taobao_missed the delivery yesterday since I had presentation.


new colored contact lenses~!!
notice my doll-like eyes?

My eyes are so huge thanks to my new lenses(review coming up!♥) they look like this puss in boots~ LOL! Can't wait to pair it with my matsuges!!! *swoon*

And then I receive this really awesome email which made my entire day like 5 times better!! But I'm not telling yet~ *evil laughter* I'll blog about it after I make another 2 more reviews. Gonna have to update on my Neogence serum review_I FINISHED IT~!

And I need to start cleaning up and packing my stuff real quick but with all the graduation hoo-ha, there're outings, camwhoring and stuff to be done. Oh dear....On the bright side, summer's here! I can blog all I want now!! (TvT/)

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