Sunday 17 October 2021

9.9 (mostly!) & 10.10 Shopee Hauls


Hi all! Been on an impromptu break because I wasn't really in the mood for a lot of things. This video was meant to be published last month, but I'm happy I got it done today~~

A reminder for y'all to take a break when you need to because woah this whole transitioning to an endemic can get tiring #loveyourself

1. Natural cleaning brush (Wood)  ShopeeMY

2. Dish washing loofah  ShopeeMY

3. Soap net bag  ShopeeMY

4. Potato multipurpose soap bar  ShopeeMY

5. Solid toothpaste (25g)  ShopeeMY

6. Soapnuts berries (100g) ShopeeMY

7. Milk frothing pitcher with silicone cover  ShopeeMY

8. Small milk/espresso glass jug  ShopeeMY

9. Utensils drying rack/holder  ShopeeMY

10. Stovetop conducting plate  ShopeeMY

11. Aluminum Laptop Stand  ShopeeMY

12. Collapsible Silicone Funnel  ShopeeMY

13. Purple acryllic tortoiseshell hair claw (Variation Purple)  ShopeeMY

14. Purple jade hair claw (Variation 2)  ShopeeMY

15. Matte green hair claw (Variation Green)  ShopeeMY

16. Marble/Pearl hair claw (Variation 1)  ShopeeMY

17. Donut hair clip (Variation Coffee)  ShopeeMY

18. Oval hair claw (Variation Khaki)  ShopeeMY

19. 12L Outdoor water Container  ShopeeMY

20. Beige Yoga Belt  ShopeeMY

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