Wednesday 11 August 2021

Coffee Review (Part 2)

Back with yet another coffee review compilations. I make black coffee on most mornings just to establish a routine in what seems to be a separation-less day after lockdown days. It's been like what? More than 500 days after the start of the first lockdown and things only seems to be getting worse (road to 25k/ daily cases?!). I'm staying in more and work, break, meals, exercise, sleep activities are done in like four walls...

In this post I'll be sharing the coffee I've tried the past months and the options have gotten more interesting because I need more excitement in life WTF.

1) Boncafe Mocca

Coffee Beans

Let's begin with Boncafe Mocca (ShopeeMY) is my usual go-to brand of coffee beans (okay, besides Starbucks) before I got more adventurous. Available in whole beans and ground coffee. Retailing about RM20 per pack, I remember trying most of BonCafe's coffee beans a long while back but eventually settled for Mocca.

Oh if you remember, I bought Kapal Api ground coffee a while back. I  did not brew it for a while because I didn't know how to prepare it_ I accidentally got it in super fine powder and they are terrible for drip coffee because the water won't pass through the coffee mud! Had a lightbulb moment one day to prepare it as a cold brew and *chef kiss* it is so-o-o good! Perfect for the recent hot weather too! I like it so much I've been trying cold brews with different blends of coffee just to taste how they'd turn out.

2) Starbucks Veranda Blend & Cafe Verona

The Veranda blend produces a very light and smooth, with almost unnoticeable acidic or fruity-ish.

The darker version of the Veranda Blend. I'm starting to think Starbucks coffee isn't so interesting to comment on. At least the ones I've tried, they don't have very adventurous notes but simply coffee beans in every level of bitterness. That's it. Except the Starbucks Premium Instant Coffee in Dark Roast because it's dark chocolate-y.

While we're on the subject of coffee, I thought of including 3-in-1s and convenience store coffee. I'm not kidding when I said I bring my adventure to the supermarket. Been trying random new stuff just to spice up lockdown life, I'm grateful for the privilege.

4) Chek Hup Hokkaido Milk Latte

There's been a boom of instant coffee choices in the market from brands like  Frenche Roast, Mamami, Richboy, Alor, Kanu wahlao I kenot keep up. Even Aik Cheong, and Chek Hup offers several range now. I try not to go for 3-in-1 since the lockdown but the packaging caught my attention. Also, Japan obsession *cough* This turns out to be very light, milk coffee. Would go for this if I run out of coffee or lazy to brew but otherwise, I'd stick to beans.

5) Delatte coffee packs

These are some of the packet drinks from CU Mart which you probably see a lot of people trying. They come prepacked, ready-to-drink in those sachets rather than the usual can or bottle. If you takeaway from the store, they actually have plastic cups with ice you can grab to prep your drinks. Would say the selling point is the experience you can't get this elsewhere. Also 'cuz Kpop craze hitting all time high?

The Delatte Hazelnut Flavor is a medium brew black coffee with tons of sugar. Not for those coffee drinkers who likes their coffee in their original taste. I find it OK but can't drink often 'cuz very sweet. I cannot recall any hint of hazelnut in this even though I've tried it twice.

This next one is the Delatte Americano that tasted like kopiko sweet, liquid version really leh. I have heard that CU Mart's packet drinks are sweet and best diluted with ice but I find it OK on its own. Not coffee, I have also tried the Blue Lemonade which tasted like lime 7up or Sprite with blue coloring that stains my bamboo straw.

And those are it for this post! I just restocked my coffee pantry with more fresh beans and will be sharing what I think about them when I've tried them all. Till my next posts!

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