Saturday 4 December 2021

exploring Kebun Kebun Bangsar & Brickfields KL | a weekend with me

Last month (yes, the videos have been left unedited for that long because life happens) I decided that I needed some time outdoors and that I wanted to check out the list of places I have yet to explore before. I know, I've been around KL for almost a decade but there are so many places to check out. Even more now! Also, I've been feeling really stuck and try to be open with the endemic idea. Though now we have Omicron OMG so plans may change. Again.

I decided to check out Kebun Kebun Bangsar, located not too far from the city center yet good enough to supply me with a dose of nature. I love the place! Mainly because I didn't have to travel very far to be close to nature and animals, which is something I really am looking forward to doing more. Suddenly I'm done with too much urban lifestyle. I still love the convenience of living in the city and that it is a very lively spot but Covid19 happened.

Here's a vlog I made while exploring KKB and Brickfields. Yeah, I also went to Little India since it is quite close by. I've hung around KL Sentral a lot but somehow never cross my mind to explore Bricksfield. Somehow the timing is right as it was the weekend just before Deepavali and so there were much more festivities and that's really nice! Thankfully it isn't super packed. I'm sure it would be if people aren't still wary with the whole Covid19 situation.

Tell me if you've been to these place yourself! I actually have a list of places and things I want to do around Kuala Lumpur. If you know anywhere fun, tell me and I may include them in my bucket list!

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