Saturday 4 May 2019

Meditree & Thursday Plantation's 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil Review

Every now and then I happen to find beauty products that work for me. It all started when I had one of the worse breakout recently. Don't know whether it is work stress, putting up late nights or just the expired facial masks I used but one day I got this hideous acne. The kind that is huge, filled with blood and puss FML. Off I head to the acne products aisle. I knew for sure creams do not work so I chose the 100% pure tea tree oil. There were not many choices available so I simply closed an eye and chose one, no kidding. I shared two brands but Meditree's Pure Australian Botanical Tea Tree Oil, retailing at RM30 for 10ml was my first pick.

The super unnecessary packaging that's double the product size

It took me a few days of religious applications to reduce the size of the acne. For the first few days I applied multiple times a day in hope to dry off the skin around the acne. Since the zit was so huge, it took a while before the anti-bacterial properties of the tea tree oil to get inside the acne to kill off whatever germs that was contributing to it. Since the zit is so close to my eyes, the tea tree oil stings my eyes even when I apply just little amount. After several layers of peel off skin exposes some pore and bleed the puss and blood out only did the acne reduced in size. I also try to 'push' out the blood gently so as not to leave a scar. Too many scars already! At this point, I am considering to go for another laser treatment *sigh*

Other noticeable observation is that the tea tree oil somewhat helped in controlling my combination skin_ my face is less oily by the end of the day. For the same reason, the tea tree oil doesn't dries up my skin too much but sometimes though, I do have flakes on skin around the drier part of my chin and forehead.

I also found I have much noticeable longer eyelashes. My eyelashes were rather short and especially the bottom lashes are unevenly distributed if not bald. The past few weeks however, they've appeared longer (some up to 0.5mm!). I'm loving the result, it looks like I put on some fake lower lashes HAHAHA! I look up online and found that "tea tree oil has proven natural antifungal and antibacterial properties that help in maintaining a clean, healthy scalp and strong, healthy hair follicles" which explains. Maybe if you have balding issue, can try some homemade hair remedy with the oil and other ingredients. Tell me if it works!

Thursday Plantation's 100% Pure Tea Tree oil was the other brand I bought after my Meditree's were used up (in less than a month!). I thought since they're both 100% pure tea tree oil, they should have the same function and result. Besides, Thursday Plantation was the only option available in 25ml for RM56.50 (RM49.90 in Aeon Wellness during sale). The 10ml one retails at RM39.19 (RM34.29 in Aeon Wellness during sale). Similar to Meditree, this too has the minty feel. However, there is a much woody, earthy scent (like all the weird men's cologne or wood-y scented candles) to this brand which took a while for me to get use. I still quite dislike it compare to the sweeter scent of Meditree's tea tree oil.

Conclusion, these stuff works and I'm loving it! It does take effort and several days for the result to show so my advice is to apply often on affected areas. Now that I have gotten my pimples under control, I am planning to include this into my routine but only during the night. While browsing, I noticed rosehip oil which claims to be suitable for all skin type. I have been interested in trying that out but have been advised against using it by beauty consultants due to my troubled skin type. So I have some doubts about spending RM50 for the small bottle! Well if I tried, you'd most probably see a post about it.

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