Saturday 25 August 2018

hooked on durians!

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Just a month ago, my friends and I have been planning to check out the SS2Durian.Com stall. Coincidently that Tuesday, the Star newspaper reported that due to oversupply, durian prices are going down which I shared on my WhatsApp group. Less than an hour later, plans were made for the same night. While waiting for the rest of us to returned, Jaynie couldn't wait and went to check out the durians.

When we reached we were like OMG, there was so many people in the stall and queuing up! Obviously, we weren't the only one with the same grand idea. I later found out why _ the durians buffet, which initially priced at RM50 per person has gone down to just RM20 per person! That is super cheap!!

the queue omg..

While we were ushered to our seat in less than 30 minutes, because there are so many people, the staffs were so occupied trying to get durians to so many tables so many times we were left waiting.. I was suggesting to my friends that we ought to just choose our own durians and get a knife to open them.

Most of the durians are good, there are those which are dry and tasteless. After all, those are a mixture of durian kampung. While eating,we were also taking photos with BeautyCam app, my friend is obsessed with it! Here are some of the funny looking photos we took:

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By the time we were done, I was already 110% stuffed but my friends had the heck to suggest to get Udon from the Family Mart nearby! While I didn't get the whole Udon for myself (shared with gal pal, Jaynie), I was so sick of eating literally! At night, while I was lying on my bed, I can feel the content of my gut turning X(

A few days later, I went and bought myself McD's D24 Durian McFlurry. Cost RM9 for a cup, I have to selfie with it hahahaha. Taste like the real thing but if I top up another RM11, I could have gone to another round of durian buffet in DurianSS2.Com. But I MUST have the ice cream!!!



Two weeks later, I was back for more durians in SS2 with another bunch of friends. This time we headed to Brother Durian. Our initial choice was DurianSS2.Com but we didn't know the buffet only starts at 6:30PM. 

So off we went to check out the other stalls and decided on Brother Durian buffet which cost RM38 per person, slightly higher than what we could get in DurianSS2.Com but has better selection of durians which include 101, Red Prawns and several others. For fans of bitter-sweet durians, this place is for you. I love how the durians are so much creamier and yellowish in flesh, so good! 

My only problem is that the service was slow and the staffs were really good at pretending so to now attend to you which annoys me. Some were pretending to be busy doing I don't know what, we had to call the staffs multiple times before one bothered to assist. When I told my gal pals about this, one of them who had been to the same place told me she experienced the same. Most time, it was the one old uncle was the one who served us. At this stall, we also ordered an overpriced coconut juice for RM5 each. You can usually get sweeter and more affordable ones elsewhere.

Heading back to the car, my friend and I dropped by DurianSS2.Com to tapau some durians home. We Myself, I bought the XO variety because it's one of my favorite and they don't serve this for buffet since it is the 'branded' kind.

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