Saturday 7 April 2018

2017 to 2018 Minimalist Achievements

Looking a few months' back to my journey to minimalism, I noticed I have quite a bunch of achievements! Here are they:

#1 Recycling, Giving away and actually wearing the clothes in my wardrobe.
This is something I have been working on and boy, did it took years! This year, I managed to get rid of two bags of clothes and gave away several pieces early this year while last year more so I'd say this is definitely an achievement. I'm glad my sis (albeit smaller size) can wear most of my brand new and unworn clothes.

#2 Cutting down on beauty hauls and to use up what I already have
There are things I am still working to reduce, especially in my beauty and body care department. I noticed I have just so many things for one purpose, such as my beauty products, body care products, hair care products and facial masks. I have no idea (now) why I need 3 bottles and 1 tube of body lotions, 2 shampoos, one hair conditioners, one hair mask, one hair oil and 2 leave-on treatment and over 50 facial masks. It may sound like nothing much but they are a lot for one person to use. I don't even use most of them!

#3 Cutting down on fashion hauls
I think I am doing a rather good job in this. In fact last CNY, I didn't get anything new but simply wear whatever I have in my wardrobe. This doesn't mean I do not care about my appearance _ I buy clothes that last and still make me look good or feel good about myself. Another approach I did was to wait. If I still want something a month later, I will get them. Sometimes I don't get everything I want. Sometimes I have second thoughts and ended up not buying.


#4  Reduce email subscriptions & retails memberships
This is easy peasy. All I needed to do was to unsubscribe and then wait to see if I miss any of the emails notification. 99.9% I don't. The remaining 0.01% is from TripAdvisor telling me how many people read my reviews LOL

#5 my minimalist approach on books
I try to make it a habit to read whatever books I have in hand before getting new titles. That meant no more purchasing books like nobody's business. Recently I am reading through two titles_ "How to be a Zillionaire" by Chelli Campbell and now-reading "The Cure to Money Madness" by Spenser Sherman, both of which I borrowed from my gal pal. They're not part of my dying-to-read books but books.
#6 One thing at a time
I want to do a hundred stuff! Blogging more, writing reviews on tripadvisors, maybe knitting a mermaid tail blanket, regrowing foodstuff, cooking, try a hundred cafes, making the most of my new DSLR and reorganize my bedroom. That's a lot to take in. While my hands are itching to get whatever I want (because I can), I try to calm myself down *meditates*
Only when I have achieved one thing do I get to the other. My goals now are just  to complete my 2017 Travelogues, learning about my DSLR and brushing up on Photoshop. The rest can wait.

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