Saturday 7 April 2018

Bali (Day 7): Ubud

I started my day pretty early which was a good thing because I didn't know the journey to Ubud from Kuta will take me a frigging whole one and a half hour! It was super smart of me to decide to ride pillion on this Uber motorcyclist, all the more. My poor bottom was hurting from the ride... But hey, it was cheaper than taking a car!

Such a cute weaved dogs statues!

Because it was almost noon when I arrived and I have not had breakfast, I stopped by at the only warung I found in the market, Warung Lokal before I continue to explore the town.

Chose fried rice and a rather huge portion of stir fry vegetables with pork. They were great except when I left I was bloated LOL

I walked around until I noticed a sign leading to a paddy field and being the adventurous me, I decided to walk along the path less taken. Ceh wah. Like seriously, it IS a path less taken _I didn't meet anyone along the alley!

Reached my destination but unfortunately it wasn't the Ubud's famous rice terrace. I really wanted a view of the terrace, but didn't managed to because not long later it poured and I took shelter in Ubud's Starbucks.

 If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see me posting this photos already. If not, here is the photo of my Ice Pink Machiato, taken behind Starbucks. A lotus pond is right behind the building! Took refuge in Starbucks because it was raining.


I simply walked and walked for several hours, window shopping by several boutiques which I came across and snapping photos here and there. That's the fun part of walking you see! 


Once I had enough of walking, I Uber-ed back to Kuta. I couldn't find any Uber motor so I had to resort to choosing the car, which was almost thrice as expensive at 170kRupees!! That's the bad thing about travelling solo! My friends who have never done solo travelling tell me how boring it can be, but that's the least of my concern. Safety wise in Bali and the Nusa Islands, I find it really safe for female solo being one myself but still wouldn't recommend going out super late, like in the wee morning. I had, however, once dropped by a 24-hour convenience store at midnight in Kuta.

Anyway, it was 2 hours (the traffic from Ubud to Kuta was horrendous!) when I arrived home. I was terribly tired and simply opted to have mixed rice for dinner at the warung close to my homestay.

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