Saturday 7 April 2018

Bali (Day 8 & Day 9): Kuta

My last two days in Bali, I spent just taking my time in Kuta town. Day 8 was mainly walking around Kuta town which got to be my favorite place ever. Aside from that, I discovered Matahari Department Store along the main street and spent the entire evening shopping for souvenirs! I would definitely recommend people to shop there because it is one of the places with the best prices. Another is the art market not too far from this department store.

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Day 9 was my last day in Bali therefore I headed towards the south to one of the mall I found via Google. I didn't spend much time in the mall as there wasn't much to see. However, I happen to come across this warung called Babi Guling Karya Rebo on Google Maps nearby so off I went.

Ordered the Babi Guling set obviously! Everything tasted great. This was about 70k if I remembered correctly but it was well worth the try.

After filling my stomach, it's time to explore Jimbaran Beach. Afternoon's not the best time to hang out here, it was so hot! There were several restaurants open but only a handful of tourists. I'm sure by evening there would be more crowd.

Later, I took an ojek to another nearby mall which similar to the first mall I visited was so quiet! What's up with malls in Bali, like really?

I didn't find anything interesting but here I did find Oleh Oleh Krishna, which sells affordable souvenirs. I would definitely recommend either Oleh Oleh Krishna, Matahari Department store and some Art Markets along Jalan Pantai Kuta for souvenirs shopping in Bali. Some art markets which doesn't display price tags have their prices marked up for unsuspecting tourists. So one thing to look out for.

By then I was bored and had enough of ojek rides, and decided to retreat to my familiar spot _ Matahari Department Store to help get souvenirs for dear bff. "You had too much of paradise," my bff concludes when I told her I have enough of vacation. I never did thought I will get bored in a foreign country but that happened LOL

Back at Kuta and having completed my shopping, I stopped by a warung and ordered Kopi Bali. I don't usually take coffee in the evening (just my thing) but I wanted to have Kopi Bali before I head home. I super love the coffee! It tasted very much like Malaysia's version of kopi o but less thick (or kao as we call that).

Last sunset at Kuta Beach before my flight!

Dinner was at Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport. I wouldn't advice travellers to have their meals here because a lot of restaurants here are expensive!

Next destination, Singapore!

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While I was in Kuta for the last two days, I spend most of my time shopping and just chilling, Mostly because I quite enjoy having to ride an ojek every single time I needed to head to a different destination. I guess I prefer vacaying at countries where destinations are more connected by trains or by foot so I'd rather just spend my time shopping in Kuta. I wouldn't mind too much if I have company, perhaps.

Another irk that annoys me as a solo traveller in Bali is how a lot of locals, particularly taxi drivers, unlicensed ojeks and souvenirs stall/shop owners in Bali Island would take advantage on tourists! A less than 10 minutes ride whether on ojek or taxi will cost you 100kRupees, what extortions! I had several unpleasant experiences with this unscrupulous people in Bali, one man took to stomping his foot and howling when I rejected his overpriced ojek ride. Don't even get me started on a car rental company who tricked and robbed me! Downright despicable! It also appears that this 'culture' is even practised by airport staffs! Supposedly "free porters" (it's stated behind their uniform) would shamelessly request for tips. It also didn't help that my luggage was mishandled so badly that when I arrived in Kuta, there was a hole in my luggage. When I took the flight to Singapore, my luggage had fell apart... Totally WTF.

On the other hand, I enjoyed my time tremendously in the Nusa islands, which is new to tourism and therefore locals are way-y kinder and genuine, which I am truly grateful for! On top of that, I always, always felt safe. I do wish from the bottom of my heart that with the increased of tourist won't taint the local's attitudes.

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