Thursday 2 June 2016

my super random Saturday: Japan Cultural Day by The Japan Foundation of KL

Hello, I'm back~!

It's June already, how time flies! I know, i know! Haven't been blogging much in May but my past few weekends I was sorta occupied. Three weekends ago, I had company event which I'm gonna share with you in another post 'cause I got something else to share today LOL. This post is about what I did last Saturday (before I fell horribly sick the following day fml) when I was out with friends attending a Japan Cultural Day by The Japan Foundation of KL in Gallery Shah Alam.

We were there to make Tsumami Zaiku~! One of my friends, Nadia found out about the event a day prior and asked me, and walah, we're in.

We were initially only given two different colored chirimen but traded among ourselves and the result is so prettayyy~!

Our masterpieces~~

One of my friend who never tried yukata really wanted to try it badly and luckily we didn't have to stay too long to try them on even tho it was scheduled for afternoon session.

Sensei was teaching us how to put on a yukata

Tadaa~~ Shorty here posing with my yukata~ Face so round here LOL

My friends and I in traffic-light-color yukatas.

Well, sorta, cause Japanese calls green light 'Aoi', which translates to blue but of course they meant green. Analogous colors, geddit?

Mandatory show-off-those-ribbons pose

Mandatory seiza pose wth LOL

Future event promotional pose LOL

Please come and join the Japan Culture events by The Japan Foundation of KL. And of course other Japanese culture events like Bon Odori and Isetan Japan Food Fair ahem ahem. 'Cause #goodJapfood

We also checked out the Tohoku Exhibition~ No taking photos inside so this is the only pic ( ^__^;)

Just found out Gallery Shah Alam is more than just a gallery. They've got a part with picnic tables with chess boards painted on it, a HUGE lake with running tracks, I'm envious! I miss jogging around the lake like back in uni.

And I saw some people kayak, I miss that too!

That's most of it. We didn't stay for long and GrabCar our way back. Then had late lunch back at NuSentral's Sushi Zanmai.

And tea time/dinner after a meetup among our Language School Peeps because mapo tofu (LOL) isn't filling.

Chamomile tea because it's already night. Boy, does this helped me sleep so well!

Green tea soufle~

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