Sunday 5 June 2016

I'm on Carousell~!

Hello, people~!

Just an announcement, I'm selling my pre-loved stuff on Carousell! I've been wanting to clear my wardrobe for a while now but didn't know what is the best medium to sell them. I did post on Forum Lowyat before but the respond wasn't good because my posts tend to get drown among the new postings... Plus, people go to the forum for other stuff like discussions and advice besides a hundred other things so it's not really solely for selling stuff..

Bringing all these to a second hand bazaar isn't convenient because I don't have a car here.

I  also didn't want to waste and throw them away because they're still in pretty awesome condition. Some are even brand new! Though I did recycle the ones that have stained or which colors have ran out... Since last year I've recycled almost 4 bags of clothings! After clearing out I still have 2 more bags to recycle ( =v=;) And still I have a luggage full of unworn/unused clothes...

Then I came across Carousell from blogs and there are tons of people selling and buying pre-loved stuff. And so I decided to give it a try~  Look me up on Carousell here:

Just  a sneak peak into my account~

I'm on Carousell as vIvi2579~!

So far I have made 25 listings and will be adding more when I do more cleaning (I still have a handbag and a Deuter bag to add. Soon!). Here are some of the stuff that is already up~

I'm on Carousell as vIvi2579~! #CarousellMalaysia

Don't forget to click and take a look inside because I posted several stuff in a single posting! Like these here:


Posted 3-6 pieces in a single listing cause I'm lazy LOL


All these dresses here are for RM15 including delivery! If you're planning to buy several pieces, message me and I can give you some discounts! (^o^)v

I'm on Carousell as vIvi2579~! #CarousellMalaysia
That's it~! Don't forget to check out my page okei~~ (*⌒∇⌒*) Alrighty, thank you, bye~~

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