Sunday 26 June 2016

My Maiden SK-II Journey


Today's post will be about SK-II!

SKII My Maiden Journey

I've been wanting to try this FOREVER for sake of getting smoother skin. Most people who use SK-II  seems to have baby smooth skin and I'm so envious! Even the promoter whom I chatted with have super dewy smooth skin! Asked how long she has been using SK-II, she replied 10 years *mouth drops* Hopefully I don't have to wait 10 years to get similar result LOL.

Same goes to my ex-housemates and everyone who uses SK-II, they have such pretty skin!

So walah, this is the trial set I bought~!

SKII Origami Trial Set

SKII Crystal Club


Didn't dare to spend on the large size bottles yet because I've came across both positive and negative reviews on consumers who used them so I can't be sure if it suits me.

I actually discussed this concern with my friends and one of them came up with an odd theory about SK-II _ that SK-II isn't suitable for those who already have flawless skin. Weird, huh. She took example of a Hong Kong or Taiwan actress who has troubled skin but her skin condition improved after using SK-II. And that her friends who have beautiful skin seems to be getting breakouts after using it.

It took me a few months after our discussion to actually try SK-II. For one, I was contemplating between another skin laser surgery or SK-II. I already had skin laser twice and while they do make my skin smoother, they didn't solve the problem like 100%.

So I went and got my skin checked and here is the results.

SK-II Skin Test

My rather pathetic SK-II skin test result

OMG my skin is 32-year-old. *Freaks out*


I also scored miserably on firmness power. And all this time I was so proud of having supple and firm skin. Not sure betul (Malay for correct/true) or not.


Since I only started using this early this month, I haven't notice any huge difference (yet) and I did have breakouts around my chin/upper lips area but I wouldn't assume it is because of me using SK-II. I know I have crazy raging hormones LOL that have been giving me this issue!

So far I've used slightly over 2/3 of the toner and close to half bottle of the essence so I'm assuming the toner will last about 6 weeks and the essence about 2 months or more if you use it sparingly. Apparently I don't hahahaha.

Both the toner and essence has an organic-ish if not slight chemical-ish scent. Not too bad but I was sort of turn off when I first tried it. I mean, I didn't imagine it to be like that LOL. But it's not like some alcohol-based toner that takes a long time getting use to, I pretty much got used to it after a few times.

For the toner, I was advised to used a square cotton applicator as the toner works to remove dead skin cells and so wiping it off would be the most effective. I did as told and this is what on the cotton after wiping my entire face.

Pretty yucky eh. Though without a microscope I can't confirm they're dirt or dead skin cells LOL

Result from using SKII Toner

For the essence, I see no need of using a cotton applicator but the liquid evaporates of quite fast so unless you prefer to take your time applying and want to make sure you do so evenly, use the cotton applicator. I prefer the latter as well.

So like I said, I can't really feel much difference yet and to check if my next skin test result has improved and that the earlier results were no mere gimmick, I have decided to get a test again but in a different branch. Also, I'll see if my friends' notice any difference the next time I meet them because I'll be meeting a bunch of different set of friends I haven't seen in a while. Will update you gals on this in Part 2 together and another post for theSK-II mask~!

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