Sunday 19 June 2016

#BalikKampung Food Post

Yessie, as my title suggests, I went back to my hometown. I don't really do this often but many people kept suggesting I should go home more often and so happened my bff came home for a visit from Germany, I thought I should pay her a visit as well. While I did get a chance to meet her (and her sis and dad), eat good food, have proper rest, color my new coloring book and dragging mom into the bandwagon, my balik kampung trip was only a 3-day visit because I couldn't get a tix to go back a day later (which is today). Some of my old friends found out I was home but we didn't get to meet up for the same reason. So sad, I know (T____T) BFF got a 3-week off, I wish I can get that long of a holiday while working as well.

That aside, this will mostly be a food post, from Day 1 dinner. I was already home by noon and had lunch and tea time in Penang but totally forgotten to take pics... In case you're wondering I had chap fan and mixed vege pig's intestine soup for lunch and nasi lemak and apam balik for teatime.

Now photos time! Day 1 dinner at Ah Chong's Fisherman Restaurant. First time makan-ing (Malay for dining plus English continuous tense LOL) here.


It's by the sea so the scenery's awesome!

Ah Chong's Fisherman Restaurant

Ah Chong's Fisherman Restaurant

Like most Chinese seafood restaurants, they have aquariums of life catches (and  bred?).

Ah Chong's Fisherman Restaurant

Satay and fried chicken~

Ah Chong's Fisherman Restaurant

Sambal kangkungAh Chong's Fisherman Restaurant

Steamed lala

Ah Chong's Fisherman Restaurant

Curry crab yum yum!

Ah Chong's Fisherman Restaurant

Food is alright but don't quite fancy the sambal kangkung/vege and lala too sour though mom loves the latter.

Then dad even went to buy durian, because ahem ahem, he adores me LOL #vainmax and I ate a lot of them during my 3-day there. So much that my durian craving is satisfied. Medium breed sort, not close to the creaminess of Musang King or Red/Blue Lobster or whatever durian with fancy names but good, medium softness and fat flesh. Makes you drool yet? Cuz I am. Though my fam and  I think they are pure extortion with 1kg costing over RM80. Hellooo durian extortionists, I get my fancy names durian from Aeon for RM40!


Day 2 breakie is good old days mihoon with sambal. A bit oily to my liking but #tasteofhome

mihun goreng

Lunch is chap fan and yummy lak thang soup (pig intestine cooked with tons of pepper soup), my favorite!

Then island trip again after lunchtime because I wanted to visit dear BFF. Parents wasn't so keen of me going there, I'm guessing its after a year of not driving my parents were not too trusting of my navigation skills.... #AsianParents #gotpeopledrivemeyayyy

I'm glad I did, miss chatting with these people! They're the kind of annoying (in a good way) friends ❤❤❤ Here are what we ordered from Manhattan Fish Market, just drinks tho~

Manhattan Fish Market

Manhattan Fish Market

Manhattan Fish Market

Then dinner at this duck rice place mom recommend! I super likey! So many makan place I haven't tried gosh.... I obviously haven't been home frequently the past years to try them out (>___<)

Duck rice!

This place is actually Penang version of food street or you can call it a night market style makan place so there are lotsa food stalls and other stalls selling kuih/desserts, buns, biscuits, soya milk and soya curd (Hokkien Tau Hua and Mandarin Tau Fu Far), and the list goes on. Tapau-ed (Hokkien for takeaway) some Ang Ku and Tau Hua and bought some Chinese biscuits for souvenirs to share among colleagues.


And finally, day 3 lunchie~

Yum yum yum! Small clams (?), pickled vege, braised duck, fried pork, tofu and braised pig's intestine.

And cendol! Taste as good as Penang Road!

They installed a super huge fan in this foodcourt, pretty awesome.

Dinner is porridge again because we had super early dinner as I needed to catch the train after that. Super yummy despite the simplicity.

Braised chicken feet, braised pork, fried pork, okra with soy sauce, mushrooms (me think) and anchovies, dried shrimps in lime sauce dressing.

Close up. This is super appetizing!

And these are pretty much most of them.

Oh, I took ETS to and from my hometown! So convenient now that it only takes 5 hours to go home, previously was 10 hours. Aha. Exactly why I didn't fancy trips home.. Recommendable as it is much more convenient, more legs space, cleaner and actually less noise. Cafe size is much smaller too but at least you have a dining tray right in front of you.

Blueberry shortcake I got from KL Sentral. Pretty good actually.

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