Sunday 17 January 2016

P1 Internet

Just subscribed to P1 yesterday YAYY!!

No, the kettle didn't come together with the set LOL

Finally feeling really connected again. Don’t know how my housemates can survive without it. *salute*

At first I confidentally though I could do without it. True enough, for the first few weekends, I find myself more productive and actually checking off my to dos list but after that, it got to the point that I can’t get some stuff done like blogging, posting up photos on Facebook, looking stuff/solutions/thesaurus up on Google, learn Japanese, read manga, check out the latest hit songs… So bored at home I almost go crazy.

So yes, I’m happy now.

Truthfully, initially I wanted to return it because it takes such a long time to load one webpage nevermind a few. I’ve checked and the speed test came out less than 0.7Mbps....

That sort of reminds me of the kind of dialup modem I had like over 13 years back. The one with the annoying beeping sound when it tries to connect to the internet. If you have no idea how it sounds like go here and then play it on a 30-60 minutes loop. That’s exactly what’s it like to try to connect to the internet then.

Thankfully, it was only temporary else I’d definitely return it.

Now the speed test result seems more favorable.


Crossing my fingers it'll last wth.

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