Friday 15 January 2016

Second Round of Laser Treatment at Ting’s Skin Specialist (Part 3)

Yeap! I actually spent the last few days of 2015 with a mask over my face LOL.

In my earlier review post, I mentioned I wasn’t too satisfied with the initial result and so I went for yet another round at Ting’s Skin Specialist a day after Christmas. I was hoping there wouldn’t be a long queue since it was just after the holiday but boy I was wrong. Had to wait for about 2 hours (=___=) Nevermind. I brought along my homework wth

Seems like this time round there were quite a number of other people getting laser too. You can tell because we have plastic wraps covering our faces to keep us from accidentally rubbing off the anesthetic cream.

Ting Skin Laser Treatment Round 2 yo!

By the way, I just learned that they offer several different laser treatments and mine was the CO2 Laser. I asked and for myself, Dr Yap suggested at least 3 round of laser to get my ‘desired’ result.

This is me before the laser. Okla, I am reusing the same photo from last time because I forgot to snap the ‘before’ photos.

the before pic i'm recycling wtf

This time round, it was much more painful because apparently Dr Yap decided to increase the intensity of the laser, “for better result”. That actually means the ‘dots’ spacings will be closer to one another. Hurt so much (T___T)

Afterwards, not sure if it’s the laser of the super hot weather that day, right after I left the clinic I felt super thirsty and had a horrible headache. It wasn’t helpful that my face already stings from the laser..

This is how I looked like just right after the laser. Snapped this pic because I wanted to show the tiny dots I was referring to but the front camera of my phone isn’t clear enough… (>___<) I looked like shit LOL fml.

right after the treatment ya-ouch!

looking good? maybe not (>a<)

Then the following day. Cropped myself out #toouglyliao

cropped myself out #toougly

Twinnie was shocked when he saw me (on Day 1 after laser) because I didn’t tell him I went for the laser. I told him I was embarrassed to come out but because we were going to have lunch, I decided not to put on a mask. He was nice enough to tell me I wouldn’t need to.

Awesomeness point +1.

He also told me I wouldn’t have to go for laser but I said I wanted them.

Awesomeness point +1 more LOL

Still, that afternoon I got lotsa stares from strangers who have no qualms in looking directly into my face the entire time I was having lunch fml (/д)

Anyway, I found out this time round that by applying BOTH the prescribed cream and my own Hada Senka’s moisturizer, the redness tones down faster. By the third day (on Tuesday), my face only appeared slightly flushed like I'm blushing so I didn't feel like I needed to wear a mask anymore!

On the other hand, my face were still swelling on Thursday (Five days after the laser) and I only noticed it from photos when camwhoring with the girls whattheheck. Looked into the photo and was thinking why my face looks oddly different and larger… (=___=)

Like this. I don’t look like me!moi~!

Or am I just being too self-conscious and imagining things? What do you think?

OKlah. Maybe I look the same. Maybe it's the angle. Maybe my face was really swelling LOL

Took other #noedit pics that day still look like me-lah

selfie time!

moi again~!

Few days later, it became much better. Fast forward last weekend, when having dinner with my twinnie, he mentioned that my skin has improved though I personally didn’t see any super obvious changes on my cheeks area. The pores on my nose appear smaller though.

You be the judge. This is my most recent photo which I took yesterday!

What do you think??


ps, I'll be posting a Laser FAQ post next so if you have any questions, just comment in any of my Laser Review Post and I'll answer your questions in my next post which I’ll be posting by next week!

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