Monday 18 January 2016

Facts About Skin Laser Surgery (Part 4)

Today's post is dedicated to answer some of the questions you might have for me about my experience with laser treatment. These are the few questions I'm getting but if you have more, just leave a comment in the comment box below. If you missed out on the earlier post, here are Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Q: Where can I get laser surgery done in Kuala Lumpur?

I had 2 different laser surgeries done_one to remove mole at Mediviron Clinic and another to smooth my pores and get rid of scars at Ting's Skin Specialist. Both are located in the heart of KL, which I find rather convenient. FYI, Mediviron Clinic also offers facial laser treatment but I decided to have it done at the latter.

During my 2nd laser at Ting Skin Specialist, a Middle Eastern lady (she’s so pretttyyy!!) who was there for the laser treatment to remove pigmentation on her face asked if Ting’s Skin, “is the best?” I told her I don’t know because obviously I haven’t visited other clinics in KL but Ting’s Skin IS definitely well known. If it’s solving acne issues I can definitely vouch for them. Many of my friends have visited this same clinic for various other skin issues too (allergy-caused rashes, unknown caused rashes, etc.) and so far, so good.

Of course there are many other skin clinics in KL/Selangor that works just as well. Just look up Google sensei for reviews of the clinics near your area.

Q: What type of laser treatment are they?

Both the Mediviron and Ting’s Skin Specialist Laser Treatment is called the CO2 Laser Treatment.

Q: Can I do my usual beauty routine before the surgery?


Q: Does it hurt DURING the treatment?

This really depend on the 'intensity' of the laser, from my own experience. They're like red ants' bites. Aha.

Q: ... and AFTER?

For the next 30-90 minutes, expect burning sensations on your face and pungent burnt-like odor since laser burns off the top layer of your skin. And yes, washing your face and applying certain skin care products could hurt. This is on the same day right after your laser. I noticed it doesn’t hurt anymore the next day.

Q: Can I wash my face and apply any beauty product(toner, serum, masks, etc.) after the laser?

Yes, but stay away from anything too abrasive like alcohol-based toner, harsh cleansers, and exfoliator/scrubs are a no-no. You can try. They're gonna hurt. A lot. Even applying serum could sting a bit but it’s still alright, for me.

Q: What about makeups/cosmetics?

Apparently it is not a problem to put on makeuo.

Personally, I wouldn’t because I think the skin’s very sensitive after laser. Plus there are so much germs on brushes/applicators and the skin can't breathe/get enough oxygen IMO.

Q: How long will the redness last?

As Dr Yap put it, "the ugly days" will last about a week.

In my first attempt, it took 5 days for the redness to tone down. HOWEVER, in my recent laser treatment, I find by applying both the prescribed moisturizer and your own moisturizer 5 times a day, it took only 3 days!

Q: So... does a single laser treatment sufficient to get rid of pores/scars/imperfection?

I’ve gone through 2 rounds of laser so far and still considering a third time to perfect the rest of it. So, no.

Or perhaps (1) it really depends on how bad your scars are or (2) the clinics you go. I’ve read several other reviews from bloggers who’s done laser in clinic-I-don’t-remember-the-name only once but for a higher fee and didn’t have to go for another round.

Q: Are there any side effects?

Expect burning sensation, pain, redness and slight swelling of face that last the entire day one. During that time, washing face with cleanser and applying beauty products may sting a little.

ROUND 1: For the next few days, my skin was also super dry, so much that I have to slapped on 3 times more toner and tons of moisturizer. In fact, I applied the prescribed moisturizer at least about 5 times a day! Apart from that, I put on facial masks at least 3 times that week

ROUND 2: Mostly like round but this time I didn't have to put on a mask by day 3 and because I applied a lot of moisturizer, my face didn't feel too dry. I guess it was too moisturized the 'dots' took longer time to fall off whattheheck #truestory

Q: What beauty products did I use during the 2 weeks?

ROUND 1: Prescribed moisturizer, Hada Labo Lotion, Hada Senka Moisturizer, Bio-essence Snail Serum, Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray, Bio-essence Snail Secretion masks x3, Watsons' Range Masks x1

ROUND 2: Prescribed moisturizer, Hada Labo Lotion, Hada Senka Moisturizer, Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum, Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream, Innisfree Bio-essence Snail Secretion masks x1, It’s Real Squeeze masks x2, Etude House Snail mask x1

Q: Any 'pantang' (food to avoid while recovering)?

Not that I know of LOL.

Remember the thing our parents/the older generation use to warn us not to eat egg or take soy sauce when the wound is still healing else the scars won’t go away easily? During my recovery period, I already broke this ‘pantangs’ LOL

Q: Exposure to sun, etc?

Eh… ok this I’m not very sure. I heard the nurse advice one of the patient who did pigmentation removal (the pretty Middle Eastern lady in my Part 3 post {LINK}) to apply sunblock.

But I wasn’t told to do so nor did I apply any. Though on a bright and hot day I usually carry umbrella, that’s enough I think. Plus I wear a face mask consider protection already, no? Hahaha.

Q: How much will it cost to do laser?

For my kind of laser treatment, the CO2 Laser, it is from RM400-600++ per session. I'm not sure if they charge differently based on your skin condition (like how deep your pores are/how bad is the scars).

Also take note if you're having breakout, you would need to clear your pimples which means prior to the surgery, you would need to consult them first, so another RM200++ per consultation. Depending on how bad your breakout is, it may several consultations before you can undergo the surgery.

Q: Final question for today, is it worth getting the surgery?

I'm not 100% satisfied because the scars are still sorta obvious. However, my skin has DEFINITELY gotten smoother and pores smaller so I’m definitely happy when I look at myself in the mirror hahahaha. Editing my own photos got easier too ( >v< ) In conclusion, yeah, I think it is worth it.


Alright, so those are most of it for now!

If you have other questions you'll like to ask me about the laser surgery, just comment below and I'll include it into this post too.

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