Saturday 7 March 2015

Avene Skin Care Range Review: Cleanance Gel, Skin Recovery Cream,TriAcneal and Thermal Spring Water


I'm back with another review! It's been a super long while since I actually write one (>Д<) Today, I'll be reviewing a range of skin care products from Avene which I have been including in my recent beauty regime.

I was first introduced to this brand by a friend and was told this brand is suitable for those with sensitive skin like mine. She actually recommended only the Avene TriAcneal pimple cream but I bought several other products from the brand from SaSa because I was feeling adventurous to experiment new products.

 These are the products I am using now _ Avene's Cleanance Gel cleanser, Skin Recovery Cream, TriAcneal pimple cream and Thermal Spring Water spray.

I am now almost in my 2nd month of using these products so I will be sharing with you what I think about them. Alright, let's get started~!


Avene Cleanance Gel

The first product I'll be reviewing is this Avene Cleanance Gel, a this bluish clear cleansing gel that mildly leathers up when use. Also, it has a scent that sort of remind me of bar body soap which is not really my kind of scent.

If I remember correctly, this comes in 2 different sizes but I bought the smaller one in a 200ml bottle priced at RM65.

I'm almost halfway using it so I'm guessing a bottle can last you a good 4 months, maybe longer if you actually care to measure them every time you use if. I clearly don't LOL. You don't need much though, a small less than 5 cent amount is enough to leather up to clean your entire face and neck.

I find it is very gentle to the skin and after using it my face feels clean. However, I started noticing blackheads after weeks of using this! I NEVER find myself having many blackheads issues so I am concluding the cleanser may not deep cleanse enough. I might just revert back to using Neogence brand, which IMO is better when it comes to deep cleansing once I finish this bottle. You can read about my ACE Neogence Range Review here.

Avene Skin Recovery Cream Calming Formula

My next review is this Avene Skin Recovery Cream which comes in a 40ml bottle priced at RM78.90 (I actually don't remember how much it costs so this I Googled but I remember paying less for this. Might have bought it during sale). 

Texture wise, it is milky, smooth cream that spreads evenly on the skin.

 Avene claims that this cream helps to restore the hydrolipidic layer of the skin that acts as a protective layer and maintains the skin moisture over a long lasting period. From other reviews I read, this cream works as a moisturizer as well though apart from leaving my skin feeling super soft, I didn't really notice any other difference it does on my skin so I don't really have much to comment on this one :/

Avene TriAcneal

Probably the highlight for this review and an absolute favorite among all the Avene products I am currently using would be this Avene Triacneal pimple cream. This one comes in a 30ml tube, price at RM65.

Before Avene TriAcneal, I have been experimenting on many different drugstore pimple products in the past months ranging from Thursday Plantation's both tea tree pimple gel and oil to NèuLa, The Body Shop tea tree oil and even Nexcare. That many, yeah but most of them doesn't help me solve my acne problems. I think Nexcare was alright but if you have lotsa acnes like I do, it is not an economical option.

Getting back to this Avene Triacneal pimple cream, it is yellowish in color and it is slightly thicker texture compare to the cream thus it doesn't spread as smoothly.

Sorry the photo makes the content looking like a snot/mucus but the tip of the tube is designed in such a way only allows small amount to be discharged so I couldn't get it to come out nicely for this photo.

I SUPER LOVE IT because not only it gets rid of those tiny pimples in 2-3 days (which I don't get why other products don't seem to work) but it works as well on the larger, much stubborn ones too! Though the latter takes a while longer, still I am very impressed with the results!

Avene Thermal Spring Water

My last product review from this Avene range is this Thermal Spring Water. Few months ago this Thermal Spring Water starts popping up in just every drugstore which got me really curious. Even some of my colleagues and friends are using it, mostly because it gives them feeling refresh besides moisturize the skin after a long day. I found out recently this Thermal Spring Water does more than that.

Avene Thermal Spring Water

I'm like my friends actually, only using this mist to keep myself feeling refresh but recently I found some prick marks on my leg _ I don't know where they come from!_ that gives me uncomfy itch. So I sprayed the spring water over them and that sorta sooth the itchy feeling(´∀`) As for its other uses, might experiment on them next time.

Oh, this spray comes in 3 different sizes and I bought the 3 small bottles of 50ml set for RM38. Another friend advice me to get the smaller version one as they're easier to spray. She got the larger one but then find that pressing the nozzle requires too much effort LOL.


In conclusion, I can say that Avene products are generally quite gentle to the skin and is suitable for acne prone combination skin like mine.

My FAVORITE product among these Avene range would definitely be the Avene TriAcneal which, is here to stay in my skincare routine. I know I'm giving a lot of credit to the Avene Triacneal cream but I am really not sure if the cleanser and cream's soothing properties plays a role in getting my acne under control. I still get breakouts now and then though they are very minor.

So that the end of my super long review (phew!) and I hope you all find this helpful (⌒▽⌒)

If you have any recommendations for products for sensitive/acne prone skin, do share them in the comment below, I would love to know! I think sometimes you get to find amazing products from others' recommendation and that's exactly how I stumbled across the few that still remains in my daily beauty regime. I definitely got my friend to thank for recommending Avene Triacneal pimple cream to me (>vO)

Lots of love, chao~!

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