Saturday 28 March 2015

Dear KLCC Management,

I just wanna share a rather annoying account with some scammer I had sometime this week while I was shopping around KLCC.

So I was admiring the cute stationaries at Typo when one dude handed over a piece of paper. Initially I thought he was Typo's staff just giving out brochure/voucher so I just nonchalantly, non-thinkingly accepted.

Except it was no brochure and at a glance I saw names and amount scribbled in it which I knowingly figured the dude was there to collect "donations". Don't be fooled by these people I tell you, they're really just abusing the word "charity" and will pocket your money afterwards. Wanna do donation, go find a trustworthy charity organization. Having similar accounts all the years I stayed in KL, I just wanted to ignore him and so I politely try to hand it back to him. Not only did he back off to refuse but he shoved a pen right into my face in a rather annoying manner *roll eyes*

I took the advantage and shoved the card on his other open palm which was holding several other similar cards while still being polite and still bother to say "Thank you". While I turned away and try to ignore him, he blatantly gave me a "No, thank you" to which I turned around and retorted rather loudly, "No thank you to you too". Yes, I can play that way too (a.k.a. I can get very rude when I need to).

Heck I was so-o pissed off I took this pic when he had his back to me_he's the dude right there with yet another unsuspecting female shopper who was in Typo, I believe.

I wanted to check out Typo a lil' while longer but my mood was completely ruined so I decided to leave and he was still prowling around the store with no intention to leave just yet! I was exiting the entrance when our eyes met and I made sure to give him a good amount of eye contact.

Still my point is, why, of all places in KL these bunch of scammers are allowed to run their 'business' in no other than KLCC???!! Come on, shouldn't KLCC have some a bit more 'class'? At least that's what I think. Else, at least give us shoppers a break from these people and don't just let them go around spoiling people's mood OR making shoppers feel UNSAFE!

Mind you, this IS NOT my first encounter with his likes in KLCC! Few weeks ago, a Chinese dude_who was like twice my height and of way-y bigger built than me_ approached me all puppy eyes requesting me to donate to idon'tknowwhichcharity in almost similar modus operandi right in front of the Guardian Pharmacy!! When I refused and walked away, I noticed from the corner of my eyes how his expression changed to something not-so-friendly..

I know these people can be hard to detect with how pack KLCC can get sometimes but I definitely DON'T appreciate more encounters of these sort.. Hopefully some actions can be done to sniff out these people.


On an unrelated topic, my day wasn't completely ruined that day thanks to an awesome traffic policeman (@⌒∇⌒@)

#peoplewhomademyday #simplegratitude

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