Sunday 1 March 2015

2015 Resolutions


So in today's blog post, I will be sharing with you my new year resolutions! Looking through all my post up till now, I realized I haven't wrote about my 2015 resolutions yet and it's already March! It's ridiculous how fast time just whoosh past. Anyhow, according to the Chinese calendar, it is still considered the Chinese New Year now so yeah (*´∀`*)v

Actually I got a bit lazy and almost decided to scrape the idea of writing one(╯_╰”) But while I was blog-hopping like usual (there are just so many blogs to read!!) a few weeks ago, I came across one Sabrina Tajudin's blog post in which she wrote her new year's resolutions and recapped on her past year resolutions, crossing out whatever she has achieved then bringing forward what she hasn't. Which IMO is an amazing idea. Its a great way of keeping track and I read somewhere if you share with people what your resolutions, you're just more motivated in getting them done. BTW, Sabrina's a Malaysian lifestyle & beauty blogger and you can check out her blog here.

Personally, I do have a tons of resolutions and while I do personally achieve some of them, I don't really keep track with everything. Sometimes I forget when I get a lil' too caught up with other stuffs. Maybe this could be a good start ☆-(≥vO)

OK, I guess when it comes to resolutions, I have tons of them for work/personal/blog but I'll just be keep my list here nothing too personal (Part of me, I'm still a rather private person), short and achievable.

1) Persevere in blogging

Yes, something really tough especially if you're juggling between work and studies, keeping up with your almost non-existent social life and squeezing a bit time for your other hobbies *roll eyes* Blogging is serious business. It takes up your time, requires effort and is energy-consuming. Now I'm wishing it burns fat at the same time WTF

While I can't promise to blog more often, at least I will keep up with blogging lest work and studies get in the way :/ Ganbarimasu!

2) Doing more for my blog

Well I do have several plans for blogging this year and one of the is getting into vlog-ing. I've posted my first video and it's not the best one yet but give me time and a bit more practice for that alright? Apart from that, I hope to do more OOTDs blog post this year too, maybe on a monthly basis ♥(≧◡≦) The rest, I shall elaborate from some other time LOL. Still keeping this under the cover for now.

3) Get a new camera

I'm deciding to invest on a lighter and good quality camera this year. I was using my bro DSLR for a while and recently more often with my Samsung S5's but they turned out not the best for all occassion... The DSLR's too bulky and while Samsung S5 16GB back camera is great, taking selfies means having to get the right angle to avoid lens distortion and there are limitations. So yeah, time for a new camera!

Okei, so I realize this post is getting a bit too wordy. Let me post some photos. Random selfie time LOL wth

Random #selfie LOL

4) Travel overseas

Whether it is another solo trip or trip with friends/family, I wanna do that again! It's true they say travel gives you a different insight in life and the memories gained carved into your head are simply priceless! I still relive every moments of being in Japan every now and then. Makes me happy all the time (*⌒∇⌒*)♪

There are still so many places I want to explore in Japan but I also want to go to Singapore and Bangkok. Still haven't got any concrete travel plans for this year but will see.

5) Improving my Japanese

As you know, I've been taking up Japanese classes for over a year now and am still planning on doing so for maybe another year or so. I real-ly want to be able to communicate in Japanese fluently. I think I've come a long way though I still get tongue tied and embarrassed when I say the wrong things or get my grammar messed up but I well, want to get better.

I guess "improving my Japanese" could be a bit too general so here are the 3 things I wish to improve in: 1) fluency in daily conversation, 2) a better grip in grammar, 3) increasing knowledge in vocabulary and kanjis.

Recently I've started watching anime again so that I could improve my listening skills beside getting a better comprehension on how to use the language in daily conversations. On another perspective, you could say they're my best excuses to watch anime LOL

In fact, I just finish watching Free! season 1~ It's really an interesting anime(^o^/) If you have any recommendations for Japanese anime or dramas, please let me know. Would love to check them out! Also, if you want to help me practice Japanese or chat in Japanese, feel free to message me sometime (⌒∇⌒)

6) Learn to speak Chinese dialects

Well I am not proud to admit that all my 20-sth years of living, I haven't been able to improving my Chinese never mind mastering it... I'm just very comfortable speaking in my first language and Bahasa Melayu. This year, besides Japanese I want to get a better grip in speaking Hokkien which is my mother tongue and then Mandarin if I can squeeze extra time to read my language books.

I'm already telling my friends I'm studying for my PHD now which really stands for Penang Hokkien Dialect LOL

At present, I'm more than halfway reading through Conversational Penang Hokkien by Tan Choon Hoe. Wanna get the rest of his books too once I'm done reading this one!

Conversational Penang Hokkien by Tan Choon Hee, my coffee time read

7) Giving more love to my mind and body

This year, I want to pay more attention to make more effort to look good besides giving myself more short breaks to unwind. Also, speaking of appearance, there is one project which I've been holding off for a while now and I think I should really get it done this year! I'm excited and worried but currently I won't be telling you yet but when the time comes, I promise I'll reveal it. Gomen ne...

Alright, that's pretty much for now. Will remind myself to do a 2015 Resolutions Recap & 2016 New Resolutions by year end next year to measure how much I've achieved.

For now, see you in my next post!

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