Sunday 15 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, Happy belated Valentine's Day LOL

How did your Vday went? I hope everyone, whether you're in a relationship or rocking single (like I am) had a lovely day!

My Vday was simply spent appreciating me time and scribbling on some Chinese New Year cards I got from Typo while burning Peony scented candle which I just bought from H&M. I'm addicted to this scent nau (ღˇ◡ˇ)~❤

Also, indulged in these awesome Hakodate's Mel Cheese from Isetan's current food fair. Re-sharing though I posted on my Instagram already because it's so worth sharing LOL

Hakodate Mel Cheese cake

And for lunch, I sorta treated myself to this amazing Wasabi-marinated scallops which I also bought from the fair (Ate it with rice and other dishes).

Do not judge them by their plain appearance, they're so very yummy I'm hooked!

wasabi marinated hotate (scallops)

Also get to sample some others like the marinated seaweed and oysters which is equally good *wipe drool* Last time I had oyster, I swore I wouldn't touch another because it tasted like the sea wth. Making exceptions this time.

Contemplated if I should stock up on them but then I remembered we have a crappy refrigerator here... ( ; Д ; )



Later that day, while still grieving over my little 'loss', I found love again wth. Window shopped and I found a super nice army green cardigan blazer. It was the last piece on the shelf in my size and IMO gives off the casual, a bit Korean-stye vibe when worn unbutton. Will share with you what it looks like on my Instagram since I'm planning to wear it soon!


And oh yesss, CNY's is just in a few days' time _ THIS Thursday_ and I'm so-o excited!  I'll be heading back home for a couple of days to celebrate. It has been a while since I get to spend time with my parents and have good ol' home cook food. All the CNY cookies too weeee ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Alritey, will be blogging again soon but need to pack a lil' bit some more before I sleep so gotta say chao for nau~

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