Monday 23 February 2015

2015 CNY OOTD~

Hello~! I'm back again this time with just a real quick OOTD post on what I wore for this CNY.

Starting of with my balik kampung (directly translated to "return to village" which really means "going back to your home/hometown")  OOTD.

#1 Here I am wearing my new Ti:zed Ladies cardigan blazer, Padini Authentic tee, Padini white shorts and Typo duffle bag (old)

#CNY #OOTD Ti:zed Ladies Cardigan Jacket, Padini Authentic Tee, Padini white shorts and Typo duffle bag

#2 For CNY Day 1, I wore this Padini red knit shift dress _ which is still kinda baggy 'cuz I didn't have time to alter it _ and  a cinch belt from Taobao. Pumps are from Jelly Bunny.

I really wanted to wear heels but I'm just too lazy to carry more stuff back :/ And please ignore my messy hair in this pic...

2015 CNY Day 1 OOTD

CNY Day 1 Selfie

#3 For Day 2, I totally forgot to ask my sis to snap a photo but this is really what I wore except with the white belt like from the previous photo instead of the mustard one. I bought 3 colors (the other one is black) from the same Taobao seller (⌒▽⌒)

#CNY #OOTD Miira Mew Dress, Taobao belt

OK, last OOTD photo. Yea, this is a really quick post ( >__< )

#4 On Day 3, I wore this Nichii lace dress with a matching cinch belt I bought from FBlock. Took this photo from the porch so you get to see part of what my home looks like~


Mom loves her garden and has lotsa plants including lotuses. One time I counted she had more than 20 different plants and over 50 of them in the porch/garden (=v= ) I'm not sure how many she has now but definitely lesser.

I'm not going to take photo of every inch of the porch but here's a close up on what's in my background. Largest pot we have in the house compound for lotus which hasn't flower yet and you can't see them but we have guppies in there too.

around the house~~

Selfie-d beside several pots of mom's new addition for CNY LOL

another selfie~Okiee, and last photo for today~ Not a CNY OOTD but something I wore today (^v<)-☆

#5 MANGO basic tee (old) and Taobao marble print skort

#OOTD Mango basic tee and Taobao marble skort


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