Sunday 4 May 2014

Sponsors Alert: I'm taking advertorials assignments!

My blog topic should pretty much summarize the content of this blog post already. Still, I’m just going to repeat it: I’m looking for sponsors!

It is nothing new since last year I was more active in accepting sponsorships for reviews but then I decided to take a break to concentrate more on my Japanese classes. I still am studying, but I’m already getting used to the study workload and since I have some time to spare on my weekends.

This year however, I want to take up writing advertorials as paid assignments.

Why am I expecting being paid for advertorials?

Mostly because accepting sponsorship means dedicating my own free time to draft and write a blog post. Then snapping photos and editing which I usually do on weekends. And checking the post again before posting it.

Since it’s an advert assignment, I’ll be going an extra mile to promote your products too. Apart from these reasons, my portfolio would explain the rest in further detail.

Why didn’t I charge previously then?

Because beauty blogging was still new too me. I wouldn’t ask you to pay me for null, wouldn’t I? Personally I wouldn’t even buy a product I wouldn't use.

Would I stop writing reviews since I’m taking paid advertisement now?

Nope, I will still be writing reviews now and then. You will still find me raving over my favorite products from my own beauty hauls from time to time (・∀・)

Other questions you might have for me:

Q: What do I review about?
Usually care & cosmetics reviews, mostly Japanese brands. If this is the first time you are visiting my blog, I recommend you check my previous reviews here:

A quick preview of products I’ve reviewed before:

some of the reviews I've written 2

some of the reviews I've written

Q: What do I hope to write on for adverts?
More beauty products and cosmetics reviews. Would love to write on beauty services too.

Q: Why you would want to advertize on my blog?
Answered this in my portfolio, which sponsors can can request.

Q: We want you to write for us, so where do we start?
Drop me an message on  my Contact Me page to tell me what you would like me to write for you or request for my portfolio. Not forgetting to include your name and Company/Brands you're representing, of course.

Anything with just, “I have an assignment/business deals for you” would probably have landed in my spam folder which then goes straight into my trash. Whoever that dude was.

If you (referring to company PRs) would like me to promote your products, feel free to contact me. For as long as they’re relavant to my blog’s direction as a lifestyle and beauty blog, I am open to accepting advertorial assignments.

That’s all, thanks for reading~!

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