Saturday 24 May 2014



It's been over 2 agonizing weeks despite my trying my best to keep myself occupied without my lappie. So glad it's back I tell you. Initially I have decided to write a "How I survive without my laptop, AND internet for 2 weeks" but that somehow didn't quite work out LOL

Week one was still bearable, with me occupying myself browsing my new ViVi magazine and studying, then browsing through my old stacks of magazines. On the first weekend, I hung out with friends and study some more but by the 2nd weekend I had morphed into the living dead.

I probably had stared at all the walls in the house long enough out of boredom when after hours of studying, slept for an unhealthy 15+++ hours straight, visited the cyber cafe to rent a desktop for 2 hours which didn't make up for the loss of my close companion who has always serve as my personal library, answering 101 questions that runs in my mind everyday.

Maybe it's some sorta withdrawal symptom from being very dependent on my lappie(and internet), but looking back, the period without lappie had not been my most productive weeks at home. Thank god for work and classes to keep me occupied for most of the other time!

Sorry for having to bare with all my ramblings ( >A< )

Now that I have my lappie back, it's time to make up for the posts which I have been wanting to share. An OOTD post soon! ♪ヽ( ⌒o⌒ノ)

That aside, I am still looking for sponsors for advertorials on my blog, feel free to contact me is you have any assignments for me.

Alrighty, I'll be right back again soon~!

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