Thursday 22 May 2014

Move, or fall forward

Ok, maybe it's the whole internet withdrawal thingy. The past week has been really depressing and hectic so much that my colleagues noticed it and asked if I'm in a bad mood. While I try to keep my time occupied, which I succesfuly do so in the first week by re-reading almost all the magazines I have and then study Japanese and memorize over a hundred kanjis. A number of times I find myself booking a computer in the cyber cafe but then nothing beats having your own lappie ready at all times.

Then maybe it's having to spend money fixing my lappie. I AM SUPER THANKFUL I have some $ in account. I remind myself that every single time but having to spend money suddenly stings, the pain of adulthood who's trying to save some $ to live her dream :((

Or is it not being able to move forward with my plan on earning money by contacting sponsors. As a believer of the Power, with just one single thought, many things didn't go so well after that... It was a scary week really.

So I am trying to reinvent my thoughts and I think finally getting the lappie back, most things are starting to fall back nicely into place and I'm starting to feel my mojo returning so it's great hahaha. And then the Power is working its Magic again :DD

Today has been hectic and it felt really fulfilling, I can't find a better word to describe it XD Colleagues at work are always making me laugh so much if I can burn fat from it, I'll prolly be skinny now LOL Kathy is trying to stop me from using negative words and the outcome has been hilarious! Angel and Helen is definitely not helping much by trying to egg me into committing those crimes. I told them to stop and Kathy was like, "Are you sure? We're helping you create some good memories." ROFLMAO. Tomorrow I'll remember to remind Kathy it's Angel's turn for the game, she's so guilty. In the middle of my discussion with Donna on the email problem she turned on the fan and have it directed at me resulting in my notes which I left on my desk went flying around WTH (>v<''|| )

Then while I was all bored and everything, I went out for lunch at the cafe in Mid Valley which I have been wanting to go for months! It turned out to be really awesome and due to acting all suspicious with my camera (was snapping away), I somehow ended up getting to know the manager of the place. We shook hands LOL Oh, I was with Nadia, the girl I've just come to befriend in this recent class. We're now connected on Twitter & FB and it is really great to finally have someone to be able to chat in Japanese with. She's been to Japan and gave me lotsa traveling tips, which is really useful! I'm envious she's been there before twice! Really soon, it'll be my turn.

Speaking of which, so many things to complete, besides continue-ing with the search for sponsors and planning for the trip, like finally!

Signing off with Gratitude:

1) I am Grateful I have enough and could afford to pay for my license and the fee for getting my lappie fixed.

2) I am Grateful that I have amazing people around me.

3) I am Grateful that I am progressing in my Japanese language studies.

4) I am Grateful for having people to put me on the right track.

5) I am Grateful to have the perseverance to move forward.

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