Thursday 7 June 2012

Watsons Mid Year SALE!

Watsons' having a mid year sale right now!! Saw this on their FB page last night and I just had to drop by the nearest Watsons outlet after doing some grocery shopping today~

Grabbed two items here~

Maybelline eye and lip makeup remover and Biore UV Aqua rich SPF50+

Got myself this Maybelline makeup remover since my Biore one totally isn't suitable to remove eye makeup.  ESPECIALLY when I wanna play around with my mascara and eye shadows, I'd need to remove them often and I need something that doesn't sting my eyes all the time! You can read about my Biore Cleansing Oil here.

I wanted to grab KATE liquid eyeliner too but they weren't available in the outlet here *sigh*

And oh~! I found two items that caught my attention!!

The first is this super cute Hello Kitty mascara! Check out the packaging. So cute and pink and there's even polka dots and ribbons~! I somewhat want it because of the uber cute packaging XP but decided I didn't need it yet. Maybe next time~

Maybelline's having a Hello Kitty Glam Up Makeup Contest too!


Hello Kitty Glam Up Makeup Contest[/caption]Here's another thing that caught my attention_ FreshLight hair dye! Yessie~ Watsons' now carrying this cute Schwarzkopf Fresh Light hair dyes in creme type and foam type. They're using Blythe dolls to model their range of dyes.

Schwarzkopf Fresh Light hair dyes in creme and foam kinds!

Colors I like from the Light Foam Coloration range

yummy color~

orange-y brown color

And something I like from the Light Creme Coloration range, my favorite one from the entire range too!


lovely apricot color~

Don't you think the colors are just so adorable? I'm considering getting it since I somewhat love foam type of dyes since they're oh-so-convenient. I had previously tried the Liese Bubble Hair dye and totally loving it so this one's probably worth trying too. Still can't decide between the Juicy Apricot or Sweet Apricot. So happen to want to dye my hair to something orangey brown ♥ What do you think?

Anyway, if you're interested in this dyes too, you can check out the rest of the colors available in their lineup

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