Tuesday 19 June 2012

Neogence ACE Renewal & Repairing Mask Review

Had the time to sit back and put on a mask last weekend (>v</)

Decided to use Neogence ACE Liposome Renewal and Repairing Mask last night. Got these two when I first got myself the Neogence ACE mini set.


just took it out from the fridge

The packaging is a lil' bulky since there're 3 layers of sheets in there. I'm guessing the white plastic layer is used to keep the moisture of the mask in placed and the blue sheet is to maintain the shape of the mask, else it'll stick together. The mask layer itself is really thin!
One mask, 3 layers! (,O.o,)[/caption]

Direction of use:

(1) Leave mask in fridge for at least 30 minutes-1 hour before using. You can leave it there for a couple of hours too! <-- My new routine before applying masks these days 'cuz I just love how it felt on my skin

(2) Peel off the white plastic layer

(3) Position mask on face then peel off the blue layer

(4) Leave mask on for 15-20 minutes before peeling it off

(5) Leave excess unwashed or simply massage them until they're completely absorbed

This is how the mask looked like after I removed it after 20 minutes~

The 3rd layer. Noticed how thin it is!

I like how the mask fits perfectly on my face_something I'm really fussy about when getting sheet masks_ and best of all, it STAYS! No slipping off though there's just a little too much residue left after I took it off. I think my pores are a little smaller after my second Neogence Ace mask, it's really worth it!

My rating out of 5: ♥♥♥♥

ps, Neogence Ace Renewal & Repairing mask is available in all SaSa outlets at RM9.90 each

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