Saturday 2 June 2012


Photoblogging today~!

All these photos are taken from Cheras pasar malam (night market) and Mid Valley Megamall. Was hanging out with my friends ♥

Decided to have dinner at Cheras pasar malam last Wednesday since there probably won't be any next time. Here's some photos of the food we tried and some of the different stalls there.

Ai yu ping or lemon honey jelly 

3 different flavors~!

Got myself the lychee one and my friend chose the dragon fruit flavor. Yummy~~(^v^/)

Saw a stall selling hamburgers. Haven't seen this stall around before and decided to try the hamburgers. There're 9 different filling to choose from~

different flavors to choose from

 hamburgers in da making~

my hamburger with ham filling

Just some other random stalls selling food~


colorful okashi~

cheese tarts

 steam yam kueh

sweets for my roomie~~

cute pearl hairband and bow I got for myself ♥

Roomie and I decided to catch a movie at Mid Valley(on a different day). Since the trip to MV might take a while and we were both hungry, we dropped by at Vanilla bakery to get some dessert~

Yummy Mille Crepes~!

so many different flavors~! there's even heart shapes one(bottom)


So many to choose from we got a hard time just deciding...


ichigo~! ♥
Oooh~! The chocolate and vanilla mille crepes are a definite must-try! We tested them and they're just oh-so-yummy!!

chocolate flavor mille crepe *drools*

A whole cake for RM85! Expensive but totally worth it!

We settled down for these:

 roomie's choice of chocolate strawberry mille crepe

lemon cheese mille crepe for myself[/caption]

me and my forever messy bangs. wth (>.<)

Hanging around window shopping after we got our tickets to 'Snow White and the Huntsman'. Awesome movie, btw, but I was a lil' disappointed with the ending *sigh*

Anyway, saw these sets of Rilakkuma_WEDDING THEME at Action City!!

Wedding theme Rilakkuma~!!!!!!! (♥O♥/)

OMGOMGOMG!! bridesmaid+best man Rilakkuma!!!

Wish I can have them all!! Limited sets left!

Resisted hard not to spend like crazy again ,(T^T,)

Anyway, continued with our window-shopping and I found this really awesome high-low skirt at Nichii with pretty floral prints. Can't get a full shot on the skirt :( It's super long or maybe I'm just super fun size. Definitely gotta go with a 2-3 inch heels.

super love the floral prints!

Half-tucked in my shirt since I think it looks better. Or I'll end up looking 'waist-less' like this:

fashion no-no's!

Cam-whore again. How do you like my new lenses?
cam-whoring in the changing room v(>v<,)

Stocking up my Neogence cleansers again ♥ And since SaSa is having promotion for Neogence brand(again!), for any purchase of 2 Neogence products, customers are entitled to get a free Neogence eye serum worth RM80!

hauls from SaSa!


  1. I must say that you look really pretty in the last pic of yours, Viv! ;D

  2. everything looks so delicious, especially the desserts! and i love that headband and bracelet you bought, super cute ^_^

  3. Thank you Judy~ I see you're back blogging nao. Happy hols!
    ps, will add u on fb once i set mine up too <3

  4. no problem :) haha yup! now i have time to blog again!
    thanks, can't wait to see yours :D


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