Saturday 13 February 2021

Shopee Malaysia Hauls | home cafe & kitchenware

Sharing another video I have fun making _ this time it is a haul video! Been obsessing over the idea of a home cafe since a friend introduced me to some videos on YouTube. After plentiful of contemplations, I decided to get a few things which I promise myself to use over and over again! Without further ado, jumping straight to the video 


Links to all the items which I shared in this video are as below:

1. Short & tall glass  ShopeeMY | Amazon N/A

2. Gold flower spoon  ShopeeMY | Amazon

3. Japanese style cat print fabric  ShopeeMY | Amazon N/A

4. Ceramic coffee mug  ShopeeMY | Amazon N/A

5. Oval wooden serving plate  ShopeeMY | Amazon

6. 19cm/7.5inch Glass plate  ShopeeMY | Amazon

7. Oil spray bottle  ShopeeMY | Amazon

8. Rattan coaster  ShopeeMY | Amazon

9. Hollow bamboo coasters  ShopeeMY | Amazon

10. Cat paw wooden coffee coaster  ShopeeMY Amazon

11. Stainless steel coffee clip-cum-spoon  ShopeeMY | Amazon

12. Wooden spoon, fork (& chopsticks)  ShopeeMY | Amazon

13. Wooden spatula for jam or butter  ShopeeMY Amazon

14. Wooden citrus juicer  ShopeeMY | Amazon

15. Long wooden spatula  ShopeeMY Amazon

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