Sunday 29 December 2019

all the hair care products you'll ever need

Besides my face, my hair is another part of my body that requires high maintenance. Maybe because over the years they have been subjected to tons of hair dyes and once bleach. Don't ever bleach unless you want to spend a lot to repair it, it's horrible! Also as I work in the office, I do want to look presentable, I won't consider myself super vain (heck, I don't like selfies!) but impression still matters!

So if you have fizzy hair, here are all the tried and tested hair products that truly does wonders. I think it's only in the recent months after using these products that my hair have been in their best condition in years! Thanks to this post you don't have to experiment with other brands that don't really work. You're welcome!

#1 Best Commercial Shampoo 
& Conditioner under RM50

I have no idea what took me so long to trying Dove hair care products (Shopee.MY)! Bought this to interchange with the other higher end shampoo (to stretch my monies) and found it works. Ok, you'd say perhaps its my other shampoo doing the work but I did use this for weeks when I emptied the others and it moisturizes my hair so well! Available in most local supermarket from RM20-RM30 per bottle.

#2 Best Shampoo over RM50

I have 2 brands to introduce but first, gotta share my absolute favorite which is the Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct Shampoo (Amazon | Shopee.MY), it has dethroned Midori as a personal favorite because of how longer lasting the effect is. It totally convert my dry and fizzy hair to super smooth. One downside is that my hair got so thin they start to fall but otherwise, I love this lots! Bought it from Hair Zone for RM110 (250ml bottle).

One other brand I want to share is Marc Anthony's 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Shea Butter Shampoo (Amazon | Shopee.MY) that retails in Watsons at RM51 (250ml tube). I have always wanted to try coconut oil-base shampoos and couldn't find a brand to try until recently. Almost wanted to DIY my own HAHAHA! I think the price is alright considering coconut oil are quite expensive. This shampoo lathers mildly and doesn't spread easily like normal shampoo so I have to use a lot to cover my long hair. Still, feels ultra clean after washing and I'm not sure if it actually strips off the oil or moisture because my hair feels too light weighted. It's the complete opposite to when I use Bioma that seems to make my hair absorb more water literally. The coconut scent is quite strong and can also take some time to getting use to.

#3 Best Hair Treatment

Hands down this goes to Bioma Plant+9 Hair Treatment. For best result, to use 2-3 times a week, leaving it for at least 5-10 minutes before washing off. Optionally, can be use daily like a conditioner if you don't want to let it stay. A tiny bit goes a long way! I've looked around but this appears to be only available at Hair Zone for RM158 or Shopee.MY for less (update: I found the sellers on Shopee are using my photos without permission WTF).

Best hair treatment for dry, damaged and frizzy hair

#4 Best Hair Revitalizing Spray

Yet another favorite of mine, the Kosenze Ocean Miracle Spray. I don't really know what to categorize this product as since it's not the kind of spray to set your hair. Best use on lightly toweled dry hair for soft, less frizzy hair plus it smells super good. It's my lazy days remedy when I don't to have the time for conditioner or treatment but need to look presentable. It can also be used as heat protection spray before ironing and for UV-protection. Available in Hair Zone for RM69 (150ml) or Shopee.MY.

Best Hair Revitalizing Spray

#5 Best Hair Oil

I'm not the biggest fan of hair oil, many just leave your hair very greasy and they don't seem to do much besides weighing you hair down. I had vowed never to buy another until Keratase Elixir Ultime (Amazon | Shopee.MY). It does wonders by making my hair look healthy and really brings out the color of your hair (if you dye them). Aside from that, it claims to protect your hair against the heat, and leave it untangled, easier to style, and free from frizz.

Hair Zone carries two brands, I do not remember the other but it has a branded (Is it Chanel or Dior?) eu de parfum infused in it. Apparently it's quite a hot item despite the price and was sold out.

This is another of my lazy day solution and can be use on wet or dry hair. So if I happen to need to go out but did not do treatment or spray the Kosenze Ocean Miracle Spray the night before (I wash my hair at night), this comes in real handy! Also a product which I bought from Hair Zone for RM150 (100ml). I believe you can find it in most other saloons considering Keratase is quite a well-known hair care brand.

#6 Best Hair Ampoules

My favorite thus far is Artizta, again something my hairdresser from Hair Zone recommended at RM45 for each ampule. For one ampule, you can feel and see the difference with results lasting for 2 weeks. It smells heavenly too! Love this so much but can't do it often because it's so pricey to do in the saloon!! Good news though, I look it up and found this online at Shopee.MY for RM160+ 12 vials. I have not tested it out so I cannot vouch on the authenticity of the product on Shopee but definitely keeping in view.

Even though ampoules are pricey, it's economical in a way that after applying it I can just skipped all the conditioning/treatment, hair spray or hair oil for the entire two weeks. Washing your hair isn't an option to skip though.

#7 Best DIY Hair Dyes

I love experimenting with DIY hair dyes and have tried Liese, Herbatint Permanent Hair Color Gel and April Skin Color Treatment _ these in the order of my preferences. Liese bubble hair dye (Amazon | Shopee.MY) is one brand I had used multiple times and it is by far the easiest to use with the most favorable results. Also, the foam makes it super easy to apply and gives you a much even coverage!


Personally, I wouldn't advice y'all to get everything I list at one go. If I have to choose, a good shampoo and treatment (in replace of hair conditioner) goes a long way! I tend to get a high range shampoo and a lower range (Dove is amazing!) one to interchange just so I don't need to replace the expensive one as frequent LOL. Just a strategy for stretching your dollar.

Then the hair ampules are quite extra but I find they make your hair healthier and the effect last longer so it's worth it!

Finally, the Keratase hair oil and Kosenze spray is my go-to on busy or lazy days because you see results without much fuss though it lasts a day or two. If you can only choose one, then Keratase hair oil it is! I don't use these frequently so it last me over a year (I think it'll be another year before I empty them, so make it two years) that my hair dresser isn't pleased since I'm not her best customer #truestory

That brings me to the end of this post. I know a lot of the products I recommend here are from Hair Zone but I vouch this post is NOT a sponsored post. It's just that I have tried the products recommended by my hair stylists and can see the amazing results they do to my very unruly mane. If you have tried these products based on my recommendation, tell me if they work for you!

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