Saturday 6 October 2018

Chriszen Cleansing Water Face Makeup Remover Review

Coming to my first review of one of my July 2018 Hermo hauls, this time I am reviewing Chriszen Cleansing Water Face Makeup Remover. One 100ml bottle of this facial makeup remover is only RM13.11 during promo, normal price on the site is RM13.90.

One of the unique feature of this makeup remover's bottle is that in order to dispense the cleansing water, you will need to push the pump down. This way, it reduces the chances of accidentally spilling them in your bag when you are travelling with it. How ingenious! I don't remember seeing other makeup removers' bottle designed this way but this is coming from someone who rarely buys themlah.

Because I was not use to having pump feature for my makeup remover, the first few times I turn it upside down to dispense. Later I found there isn't a need to do that #nobrainer #facepalm

So far, I have been using it for several months mostly to remove eye makeup, sometimes my foundation and lippies. I find how easy it is to wash off makeup in a single swipe with this cleanser. Plus, it doesn't hurt my eyes if it does accidentally get into my eyeballs since this is water-based. I'm totally converting to water-based makeup remover, it is less irritating than the oil-based ones. I let my gal pals and sis try them and they too share the same opinions.

There is one thing  I noticed, that is after you have 'applied' this makeup remover, the cleansed area became somewhat makeup proof. I do not know how to put it in words really. The thing is if you need to re-apply your eyeshadow in case you screw up or want a different look, after cleaning with this cleanser, the eyeshadow still sticks on your skin but it is as though you have applied glue on your lids. Smoothing out the eyeshadow the way you want becomes an annoyingly impossible task.
Thankfully, the solution to this is really easy, you will just need to clean your lids with a damp cotton and that will do the trick!

Overall, I am loving this cleansing water! For you girls searching for the best makeup remover, your search is over! Definitely recommend y'all to try Chriszen Cleansing Water from Hermo. Again, if you are new to Hermo, don't forget to subscribe and get RM15 off your first order! My second tip for those staying in Peninsular Malaysia is to purchase 2 items in a single order so as to be eligible for free shipping.

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