Saturday 14 July 2018

10 Souvenirs to get from Bali & Singapore / 2017 Souvenirs Hauls

I finally have all the photos I needed to make this post happen, I have been meaning to post this forever! So here are they *drumrolls*  hauls I got from my recent trip to both Bali and Singapore. While I mentioned these two places, I did the majority of my shopping in Bali because things are cheaper thanks to the lower currency as compared to in Singapore. There were a lot more interesting souvenirs to shop from Bali anyway hahahah

#1 Bamboo Straws

I first found this being used in one of the warungs I was dining in Nusa Lembongan (if I remember correctly) and thought the idea to be novel! This simple bamboo straws are the answers to reducing the use of plastic straws.

I was glad when I heard Starbucks making an initiative to stop using plastic straws by 2020. Wished all consumers can do so too! To purchase these bamboo straws, check out Bali Life Bamboo Straws. There are several other other options like this foldable, metal straws from Lazada.

The whole climate change, pollution, and going greener for the sake of the environment has been in my head for awhile. I do agree us Malaysians are not giving back enough to the environment. Sure, we do plant trees, but air pollution from the One-Car-One-Driver concept especially in KL, not recycling (yet), not completely cutting out of plastic are definitely not helping our environment. 

This National Geography cover totally depicts our problem with plastic.

Planet or Plastic cover

 Then of course, I read articles online saying plastic straws and bags make up a big percentage when it comes to polluting our rivers and seas then lead to animals like our fish, turtles and just everything in the ecosystem! So, join me in my


I have to admit it didn't occur to me until when I was at a restaurant in Nusa Lembongan was using bamboo straws. That totally pique my interest, I had to check with the waiter where I can get them. But then I didn't know, so now that you know, you can get them in Kuta or Ubud. Definitely, definitely get these when you are at Bali! They make cool souvenirs and help save the environment at the same time:DD


#2 Get an entirely new attire!

This was exactly what I did! I bought two longue pants from Singapore's Little India, a halter tie-dye dress and printed skirt from Bali.

#3 Accessories

This bracelet is something I purchased from Matahari department store which I'm super loving! Told my BFF I got this for under RM10 and she remarked on how it doesn't look cheap LOL

Souvenirs from Bali

I saw these rattan weaved bags with the insides decorated with batik, so pretty!!!

Souvenirs from Bali

Unfortunately, it's above my budget, costing close to RM300 at Matahari department stores in Kuta. By the way, you hear me mentioned this place a lot in this post because I actually prefer shopping at the department stores or art markets who affixed price tags on their products. That way you won't get extorted _ I've dropped by several small art market and stalls selling souvenirs and the shop keepers were very keen on overcharging me. This is one annoying issue in Bali IMO.

My pretty, pretty batik and rattan handbag~~

#4 Kopi Bali or Luwak

You can find plenty of these in Art Markets in Bali. I got mine from Matahari Department Store's grocery section. There is an aisle dedicated for coffee alone and you'd be spoil with options!

Souvenirs from Bali

Souvenirs from Bali

#5 Local Snacks

 I dunno why, but these are super addictive!!!! Couldn't stop eating at all!

Souvenirs from Bali

#6 Magnets

...because my family & I collects them :)

#7 Handicraft wares

From cups and plates made out of coconut shells, wood or shells to woven table mat and the list goes on! Coconut shells cups/bowls for my bestie because she asked for them.

#8 Homemade Soaps

I purposely bought homemade soup because I needed something with brightening effect in hope I can get fairer before my sis' wedding. Unfortunately, I only used for over a week! It slipped into the toilet bowl when I was using it (T___T) 

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