Monday 12 September 2016

Taipei Day 5: Tamsui and Bali Island

Two months later and I'm finally on my day five post. Very productive I know.

Anyway, Tamsui post! Also another one of my favorite places. Since we rented a hostel near Jiantan Station on the red line, we didn't have to change trains. Reached Tamsui and was greated by the empty road.

 Finally we found ourselves at the old street and my friends started going around to check. I was dead hungry because we didn't have our breakie yet so I found myself in this shop selling traditional pastries. The strong smell of butter attracted me and I got myself this biscuit filled with curry meat. Tasted pretty alright I would say.


When I finally managed to get them together (oh, the pain LOL) and we dined in this two-story restaurant which reminded me of old-style Chinese kopitiams in Malaysia, without the two-story part LOL. We ordered our age and fish balls soup at the counter and brought them to our seat upstairs. We were the only ones there LOL

Age are the specialty in Tamsui Old Street, a tofu skin filled with fried glass noodles dish. The taste of the sauce are foreign to me and so I wasn't really enjoying it but my friends were raving about it. I guess it's worth trying liddat...

We explored the street again afterwards, though I was bored by then LOL before we decided to check out this mini museum filled with odd stuff, think Ripley's Believe It or Not. Those stuff. We were greeted by a bubbly, sweet lady (which is either the owner or caretaker I don't know) and a female-hating parrot. Aha. Damn you sexist, narcissist parrot LOLOL

Not gonna post the pics I took here cause I think it's funner to explore it yourself. But I'd say you might find it interesting. Somehow the group I'm with have cool people who actually can take their time and enjoy those stuff.

I had the chance to hold a real snake in the shop which was quite an experience. Not my first time touching one though.

This is me, ready for pic.

This is what I was really felt. No, ain't fun touching this slithery snake. My friend got me at the right time LOLOL

Get it off me pleaseeee. Passing the snake over to my eager friend (Yeah I'm quite a shorty)

After that, we walked further and somehow found ourselves in a local morning market, which is pretty cool. A lil' bit walk and we decided to ask the locals (and buying drinks from them) directions to the main attraction. 

We walked further down and find the view of Bali Island. Super awesome!

So windy and glaring bright I can barely keep my eyes open. Edited the photos btw, had to click so many times to edit out the blemishes and imperfections sigh

We explored around the area and tried the local milk.

After that, we took a boat ride to Bali Island.

Me after more dry-blowing. 

Was surprised to find the place packed with so many Muslim tourists. The inside joke was these people took the wrong flight. No offense meant, it's just that the other places we had been, we've never come across any. I'm glad that they appreciate traveling to Taiwan just as we did!

Another thing that caught our attention was that most people were going around on bikes and Idon'tknowwhatyoucallthismultiriderbike. We rented our own because it seems super fun. It's 300NTD for the first hour, and 200NTD for the next.

And cycled to both ends of the bank. Pretty tiring wtf. Still didn't get nice legs at the end of the ride hahahhahaha

See what I found scattered on the ground!

During this time I also noticed my handphone were missing WTF. We lodge a report with the help of the owner of the bicycle but I guess it was just some sorta formality and my phone is lost for good. Not sure if it fell off when I was riding or someone stole it :'( This time I was too tired from all the cycling to get super affected like the time I lost my umbrella in YongKang totally wtf

After that we took the boat ride back (goodness the queue!) and explored Tamsui a bit more. We happened to chance across this stall selling freshly baked cheese cake and seeing the queue, we decided to join the bandwagon. Luckily we didn't have to wait long because we ordered the original flavored ones and just jumped queue all the way to the front. The rest were waiting for the Idon'tknowwhat flavor

We sat by the roadside and finish the cake in less than 5 minutes LOL. My friends appreciated the still steaming hot cake more than I do. But it was super spongy and warm good.

We didn't decide to go to the forts because it was getting late. We had spent too much time cycling earlier LOL. But I insisted on getting LaTea _ which was just opposite the boat ticket counters _ as I've heard blogs recommending the place. We got the some tea and grape teaI forgot the name but we prefer the latter better.

Such sexy ad. If this exist in Malaysia, the shop will most probably get fined LOL

The view from LaTTea~

 Also, got some snack.

Then walk around a bit before deciding to head back to Taipei for another night market exploring. We went to this one called Feng Jia Night Market, a less touristy spot.


The night view of Taipei 101 and street on the way to Tong Hua Night Market.

Tong Hua Night Market

Every night market in Taipei has their own different 'specialties', Shilin for its wide variety of food, Raohe for its lamb or pork broth soup and in Feng Jia, it is steak. There were rows of shops serving steaks here. However, we weren't into steak that day and instead dined in this one shop serving a variety of herbal broth.

We ordered a serving each of different types of herbal broth, from four or nine flavored ones to ginseng and whatsnot. I ordered lu ruo fan because it's my favorite dish in Taipei! But this one didn't beat the one I had opposite Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall MRT. I don't have photos of the place because my camera battery died :( Gah!


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