Thursday 8 September 2016

Taipei Day 4 (Part 2) : Miaokou Night Market

Back~! Let's get back to where we left off last time. From Shifen, we opted for taxi to Miaokou Night Market as it was getting really late and we didn't want to miss the last train back to Taipei.

Taxi drivers in Taiwan are superrr friendly and chatty. In most of our rides, we took our chances and got recommendations for where to eat and you bet we tried them all! More on those pretty soon!

This one the driver was showing us directions to get to the train station.


First lil' eats we had was this fried red eel with soup. Delicious! I wanted seconds but was saving it for other stuff and we got super full I did't get any... Would love to go back for more!

Funny thing happened, we thought we paid for this as the food was served but obviously we didn't. Almost left without paying but the shop attendant reminded us or at least one of us. OMG. So embarrasing!

A huge bowl of yums!

Next, we searched for the steamed butter crab, which was also recommended by the taxi driver. Didn't take us long, it was just close to where we dined and just beside the temple.

Truthfully, it wasn't so impressive, just alright. If it is crab, my dad cooked the best tomato crab!

In the same shop we ordered this Chinese fried sausage which was good. Yum yum!

Right after leaving the restaurant, my friend noticed an interesting shop right opposite the crab restaurant and so we went over to try. In case you're wondering how we can eat so much, we didn't LOL. Aside from the crab which we ordered two servings, the rest we ordered a bowl each.

While braising the crowds, we browsed around for food, my gal friends now want dessert, some bao bao ping or shaved ice, again the taxi driver recommended. Oddly the one who found the stall first was me, not my Chinese-educated friends LOL. Thank goodness for Japanese!
So off we went to order our shaved ice. Mango and melon flavored ones if I remember correctly.

The dude didn't get his shaved ice but wanted tofu dessert, so we let him have it. Of course we nomnomed some as well LOL

Along the way we passed by a number of stalls selling seafood (it's Keelung's specialty because it's located beside the harbor) and skewered meat and vegetables.

Then, something caught my attention. Froggssss!! Fat, balloon-ey frogs!!! So I eagerly asked my friends if we can have froggsss and they're as excited as I am LOL. Off we went to get ourselves seated. And yet once upon a time my dad had to convince us to try frogs by telling us it is 'jumping chicken.

In front of the restaurant are a mini stall displaying their seafood.

The menu. Everything looks good. Had we stayed there longer, I would've wanted to try some of these. Gahhh next time I guess.


When our dish arrive, I was a bit disappointed because the frog wasn't fat LOL. Guess it was just a ball of air HAHAHHAHA. It was good, with a lil' bit of spicy-ness which I like.

Looking at the leg is kinda scary too, I've had frogs but never with a feet like that LOL. Even the skin is still there! Yea, Malaysia ones are usually have been skinned. One time when I was a child I witnessed the skinning process and it was kinda creepy.

Back to braising the crowds after that. This is what the night scene is like.

  Woahhhh look at that

And then, I spotted this BBQ Pork with spring onions, super tempted!

Bacon fan, anyone. Sorry tak halal to some of you people.

Woah even with chilli YUUMMMMM!!!!!

That's pretty much what pictures I got for the day before my battery ran down. Our last snack from Miaokou Night Market was a fried sandwich which we eat had one. It was simple but pretty good. This too was recommended by the taxi driver LOL, so you geddit. Ask taxi drivers if you want to know the good food around night markets in Taiwan.


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