Sunday 17 April 2016

Japanese Food-omnomnom

It's been over a month since I last blog omg. Yeah, mentioned my lappie broke down after that I was so caught up with work and very low energy reservoir(it's the weather...) and lotsa outings (hahahaha) I didn't blog... Sigh, now I got lotsa pending review posts I figure I should blog more often. Or write lots then do scheduled posting wtf. From last weekend I've been editing the tones of unfinished videos (there're still more) though they're mostly private videos with colleagues and friends. If I work on another I may have one to share at least after I get the greenlight from my friend to post it up...

Anyway today's post will be something fun-ner and yummeh _ Japanese food~! Yesshhh, been hanging out a lot with my friends 'cuz who doesn't fancy Japanese food?

Hokkaido Ichiba & Hokkaido Sushi

These are some of the few restaurants we're frequenting mostly because my friends suggested the latter LOL.

Just something I notice _ a lot, like MAJORITY of my friends prefer Hokkaido Sushi to Hokkaido Ichiba, citing that the price in the former is lower and they're the same company but heck, IMO the price for food in Hokkaido Ichiba is proportional to the portion, and the food is yummier, my personal opinion-lah.

One time, I ordered Sakura Ebi Okonomiyaki in Hokkaido Sushi my friends were pretty meh about it and ordered Cheese-something Okonomiyaki at Hokkaido Ichiba which was twice more expensive, twice bigger the size and the same friend went hoo-ha over it. But fine, most thing with cheese always win lah. On top of that there were fewer choices in Hokkaido Sushi too.

The Awesome Cheese-something okonomiyaki (Hokkaido Ichiba)

Hokkaido Ichiba

Tamauna don a.k.a. rice topped with grilled eel and egg (Hokkaido ichiba)

Hokkaido Ichiba

*photos quality are bad as they were extracted from videos

So yes, Hokkaido Ichiba, people!! Go try it, else you're missing out. pssssstttt, I love Sushi Zanmai too but people, Hokkaido Ichiba wins.

pssssssssstttt, I also love Kiku Zakura. And Kamimura. And Sushi Hinata. And Senya. Ok, I really need to shut up and continue.



My newfound love! I've heard a lot of it from my then colleagues but finally went to try it to 'treat myself'. Sure the bento priced from RM35++ but the portion is huge! I ordered one set without much raw stuff because I wasn't in the mood, and for RM45++, I'm stuffed!

I mean look at this!!

Clockwise from bottom, furthest left: A bowl of fried rice (Chaahan, I think), best-est Karaage Chicken with mild mayonaise, some super-refreshing pickled radish with roe, melty & cheese-y fish cakes, prawn and vege tempura, tsukemono (hidden/not in picture)  some miso-leek soup served in a pot, 3 desserts _ fruits, a slice of cake, custard with caramel, sauce to go with the tempura, a rolled sushi topped with Unagi, and cold soba.

Close ups!

I also ordered green tea (as seen in the top, far right on this pic)

Yuzu, KLCC

Yuzu, KLCC

The tsukemono mentioned earlier~

After that I gatal wanna test out their Yuzu cocktail (I forgot what's it called) and find it really tough to down it... I still prefer Choya Umeshu.

The food is super duper satisfying and to die for! But no need to sacrifice anybody's life, just go to Yuzu.



This all-you-can-eat place was actually suggested by a uni kouhai. Yeah, the Japanese Society Exec. Commitees gathering hahahaha. Actually all the kaichous gathering (more to come!) hahahaha. Ki siao don't bother. But yes, I suggested Yuzu but one of them wanted an all you can eat sashimi so oklo...

We ordered so-o-o-o many dishes I lost count! There were more than 20 dishes I tell ya!

Let's start with the collage I posted on Instagram. Helps me cut down a number of photos to post LOL

Mitasu Japanese Restaurant

Super love the karaage, beef (I ate only a little else I'll get itchy all over), teriyaki fish and miso soup! Must try!

The rest~

These are delicious~!

No more raw oysters for me. Unless it's marinate ala Japanese.

I'm sure there were more pics I missed out as I was to busy omnomnom-ing.



Then the most recent of my Japanese food escapade, I went to Senya~! Ordered this bowl of pork and salmon don. OMG the portion!! They even provide a bowl in case you want to put the toppings aside because you gotta dig to get the rice. Underneath the gloriously, godly portion of meat is some vege and a mountain of rice.... Yeah,  a mountain of carbs fml.

But the meat, so awesome~! Pork like bbq-ed char siew. Sorry, not halal to some of you...


That's a wrap~! Hope I didn't make you hungry LOL. If you would like to explore Japanese Restaurants around KL and Selangor, I super recommend you to try Yuzu, Senya, Kamimura, Kirishima-ya and Sushi Hinata. Awesome places! Of course Hokkaido Ichiba and Kiku Zakura. I wanna say Sushi Zanmai too, tho I bet most people have been there. If you fancy Japanese-Western fusion restaurant, try Franco.

Till next post, cya~!

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