Saturday 23 April 2016

Eyes Coffret 1 Day UV: Rich Make Review

Hello ~! This time I'm reviewing Eye Coffret 1 Day UV in Rich Make. Got the chance to wear them the other day when I was visiting the zoo with friends. By the way, in case you're interested in Eye Coffret, a few blog posts ago, I wrote a review on Eye Coffret in Base Make here.

Eye Coffret Rich Make1

Like I've mentioned in my earlier post, I bought these color contact lenses from Paris Miki in the 2 different shades of browns. These 2 boxes of contact lens are priced at RM90 with each box containing 5 pairs of 1-Day use contact lens.

eye_coffret_1day_UV_adkit_a product_popup_3

Eye Coffret Rich Make1

Eye Coffret Rich Make

Loving the lace design! Though because it is in a dark shade of brown, when you wear it, the pattern doesn't really show and for the same reason, the enlargement effect is much more noticeable compare to the one in Base Make.

Eye Coffret 1 Day UV in Rich Make and Base Make

This is how I looked with the Rich Make lenses.

Outdoor shot~

Eye Coffret Rich Make Outdoor Shot
Indoor shot on the same day.

Eye Coffret Rich Make Indoor Shot

Comparison - 1) without the lenses on both eyes; 2) Right with lens and Left without lens; 3) with the lenses on both eyes

Eye Coffret Rich Make Close shot

Overall, the lenses are very comfortable and my eyes did not feel dry even though I wore it the entire day. However, I actually prefer the Eye Coffret in Base Make better, it looks more natural and otona (Otona means adult/mature) without the super obvious enlarging effect. Plus, I get more compliments when them LOL.

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