Thursday 28 April 2016

Ciracle Anti-Blemish Toner Review


Today's review is about my awesome new toner hahaha. My Hada Labo lotion ran out and I was in the mood to experiment on new lotions so I bought this Ciracle Anti-Blemish Toner. I was actually considering SKII or Kose Sekkisei but finally decided on this.

Ciracle Anti-Blemish Cleanser

I always have troubled skin (oh, hormones!) and recently the stress pimples start popping out wth. One of the reason why I decide on this toner. Unfortunately, despite it being an anti-blemish pimples, it didn't do much for my skin... Toner 0: Hormones 1.

One obvious result from using this toner is that my skin doesn't feel too oily anymore. At times I feel it gets too dry though. For the first few months I couldn't help bu noticed the palm of my right hand (which i used to apply the toner) as well as the tip of my fingers feels really dry... Anyone else using this Ciracle toner notice this?

These days I decided to use square cotton puffs instead and sure enough, my hands were less dry.



Overall, this is truly a recommendable product if you have oily-combination skin but don't forget to slap on lotsa moisturizer (and hand cream!) as this can be really drying to the skin. Definitely in one of the best toner for oily/combination skin I've ever tried.

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