Wednesday 6 August 2014

Summer 2014 in Japan: My Freshest Memories of Tsukiji Market

... is eating nigiri sushi at Tsukiji Market. Don't mind my lame pun LOL

This is Tsukiji Market, well a part of it.

I didn't make many food plans except wanting to eat fresh sushi at Tsukiji, dining at (any) Izakaya and eating ramen at Ichiran Ramen.

The rest of the meals for the 4 days? I was living off ice creams and drinking tons of soft drinks including two bottles of Calpis, good stuff (*´∀`*)

Then dinner at Ichiran Ramen in Shibuya didn't quite work out though... I entered the building hoping to get to Ichiran Ramen which was supposedly be at the 8th floor but there was only up to 7th floor button option in the elevator? Might have been in the wrong building fml.

Anyway, this is the sushi shop I went~


Taking photos while waiting for my sushi to arrive.

Someone tell me what is this? Is it uni? Yes, dear younger self. It is uni.


My nigiri sushi set, served on banana leafヽ( ⌒o⌒ノ)~♪

More sushi added onto my 'plate' while I was eating happily.

The one on the far left is herring roe/kazunoko which my least favorite among them because it was so hard to chew...

Oh, the roe! I think it because they're so fresh that's why they tasted so different from the one I have here in Malaysia. This I can have more, so good!

Probably the best-est (pardon my English) part and my favorite now_ANAGO!ヽ(;▽;)ノ Had always though unagi is the best until I popped this one into my mouth. Okla, I still love you, unagi.

~ ♥ ~

When I told Danny and Naoko (friends whom I was staying with) that I was going to Tsukiji, they say this tamago is a must-try so I did.

So yummy I bought one packet of ebi flavored tamago to share with them( ⌒o⌒) ❤

We had it for dinner together~~

Our dinner which was prepared by Naoko in less than 5 minutes, I kid you not. Instant rice cooked in the microwave, topped with ready-to-eat baby anchovies and raw egg and we got one awesome don already #impressed

I was like, instant rice packets?! and Naoko went, do you want to take one back as souvenir? Sua pak kau me wth. The only instant rice I know you can buy here is nasi impit. Still need to boil to cook them so instant rice packets win.

And the egg!! Very bouncy and creamy I super love I can eat one everyday.

Side was also ready-packed mixed sashimi, vege and sauce.

Last food photo for today, the breakfast Naoko made for us on the day I arrived at Tokyo~ Got to try Japan hamburger (hidden underneath the egg lol). And yesss, egg again yayy (*°▽°*)v

Gochisousama deshita!

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