Sunday 3 August 2014

Summer 2014 in Japan: Tokyo Tower & Asakusa


Finally, blogging about Japan weee(*⌒∇⌒*)/

If you're following my blog you probably have heard me raving again and again about my-oh-dream-trip to Japan until you're probably sick of it LOL. So yesss, I managed to cover the places I on my to-go list during my short stay there which include:

Nagoya Castle - Sakae - Shinjuku - Yurakucho - Odaiba - Yoyogi - Meiji Shrine - Harajuku - Shibuya - Tsukiji Market - Asakusa - Tokyo Tower

I spent like 3 days in Tokyo and it's still too short because there are just so many places to see! All my friends were like, "You should stay longer" and maybe I should but then I want to have an excuse to go Japan often LOL. Seems like I won't have short of those because there are just tons of things to do in Japan! I need to come up with a whole list of them and then check every of them out maybe before I turn 30 wth.

That can wait, for now here are  the photos from my trip~

Tokyo Tower


A small boulevard leading to Tokyo Tower.

Zojoji Temple and Tokyo Tower at the background. The temple was eeriely quiet compared to Meiji Shrine and Asakusa Shrine with Asakusa being the busiest.

Tokyo Tower close up!

Oh, hello~(⌒▽⌒)

Moi at Tokyo Tower

From the viewing window~

Views from Tokyo Tower~ See if you can recognize the landmarks (^o^ )

#WhereIStand LOL wearing flip flops 'cause it is the more comfy compare to the sandals I had.

#whereistand at Tokyo Tower

Some of the souvenirs you get to find there. Here's Funassyi Tokyo Tower keychain, it's been gaining popularity recently.


Here are rows of Trishaw parked before the entrance to Sensouji Temple.

From a distant, you can see Tokyo Skytree~

Kaminarimon, the main gate that leads to Sensouji and was really packed with tourists.

Went to pray for a bit and got my second omikuji~

At my level, I'm still unable to read the kanjis on the omikuji but there was English translation at the back which sorta helps. Apparently it's good luck, but not the bestlah. Still, yayyy!

Took selfie with the Skytree at the background LOL

Strolled around Asakusa and spend most of my time looking for omiyage. It's one of best place to get lots of local snacks, toys, yukatas, keychains and magnets, especially magnets because I don't seem to find them anywhere else! It's a family thing and I want to make a collection on my own too (*´∀`*)

Oh lookie, a whole family of mini lucky cats figures. Nyann~

Found this one shop selling dozens of different flavored soft served ice creams. Soft served ice creams are awesome stuff, very different from the Malaysia, so totally recommended~! Plus I'm using summer as the best excuse to indulge in ice creams in Japan. This is like, my third one on that vacation (≥▽≤ )~♪

After some serious pondering, I decide to go with melon flavor~

It was a tough decision *nod nod*

My other friends were recommending me to try amazake, a sweet sake and fried mochi when at Asakusa too, but I don't seem to find them... Might have overlooked. Then again, I actually doubt they sell hot amazake on a summer (=__= )

In the same shop I bought my ice cream, they sell Hello Kitty water bottles too. Hello Kitty merchandises everywhere! Took lotsa photos to show my sis because she's a Hello Kitty fan hahaha

Ok, this one is actually cute~

See what I found_freaking HUGE Hello Kitty plush toys at a store.

Later that evening, I head to Tokyo Station for some window shopping at the mall called Yasae (if I remember correctly) and walking around Tokyo Station to get more omiyage.

One shop at Tokyo station sells a whole lot of bentos and they have replicas of the bentos displayed on the wall.

Regretted I didn't try...They all looked yummy. Everything in Japan looks and taste yummy!

Next, Tokyo Banana~ Bought a box of 4 only because it's a bit pricey and since all my other friends were raving about it. But when I tried the plain one it was.. really nothing to go bananas for #lamepun #cuetolaugh

Just a few days ago, another classmate who went to Japan brought us some too as omiyage with one with flower prints and ribbon printed on the packaging, so cute!! I don't know how to describe it, but that one somehow tasted better than the plain one. So go for that or the ones with other flavors if you're buying some.

more Tokyo Banana

Tokyo banana with flower prints

That all for now, more photos coming up! ☆-(≥vO)


  1. I really enjoyed your post! Writing down ideas for our trip next september. I'm gonna come back soooo fat I'm afraid :P

  2. Thank you~! (*⌒▽⌒*)

    Oooh going to Japan for honeymoon trip? Awesome!! For food, besides sushi restaurants, dining at izakayas is a must try! I've been to one at Shibuya and they have amazing food! Can't wait for more travel posts on your blog ☆-( >vO )


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