Thursday 27 March 2014

my new hauls from Lazada Malaysia


Just a bit of rambling from my side and an intermission blog post before my next review post. Had to postpone it because the photos didn't turn out the way I expect them to be.. (T▽T) I'm still experimenting with the DSLR!

For that very reason too, I bought myself a new tripod and remote control.  Initially wanted to wait a little while longer before getting them but last weekend's disastrous photo shoot, I knew I needed them FAST! Snapping photos just with the support from my arm is sorta challenging because my arm are short and the DSLR's really heavy.. ( = A ="||)

Jyan~ what I got (besides the camera and lens are from my twinnie).

all my new toys~

Cheap tripod and remote control I bought online from Lazada Malaysia which I receive today and paid on C.O.D.(Cash on Delivery)_one cool point about shopping from the site. On the other hand, I don't get why they've just can't deliver them together! I had two deliveryman showing up at the door at different time today to deliver them WTH

And some more, I have yet to receive a underwater lomo camera which I ordered together with those two... *SIGH* Really hope it arrives tomorrow.

Still, will ganbatte taking photos and testing my new toys out this weekend yayy~!

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