Thursday 13 March 2014

Bunkasai this year~

A few blog posts ago I mentioned that the Japanese Society of my uni (which I have graduated from) would be organizing its 4th annual Bunkasai this year. The event was held on the 1st of March and while I couldn't be there, I am more than happy to share with you these photos I manage to find (*°▽°*)

UNMC Bunkasai 2014, Japanese Culture

Just so you know these photos are NOT mine and full credits to the owners who have given me the permission to post them here. For that, I got them to thank (*⌒∇⌒*)

"Bunkasai 2014" photos by the UNMC Japanese Society

UNMC Bunkasai 2014

#1 A cosplayer in action

#2 Got maid and butler cafe this year too (also for the fourth time) ohohoho

#Pretty girls in equally pretty yukatas...

#A band performing

Some photos from the maid & butler cafe

UNMC Bunkasai 2014, Maid & Butler Cafe

Oishii looking cakes I want. And spotted kaichou No.3 behind LOL

UNMC Bunkasai 2014, Maid & Butler Cafe

Oh and one of my childhood heroes cosplay~

UNMC Bunkasai 2014, Cosplay, Pokemon

Then more amazing shots by Hexlord whose photos I super like!

 "Bunkasai 2014" from Black Rabbit Photography

UNMC Bunkasai 2014, Vocaloid

UNMC Bunkasai 2014

UNMC Bunkasai 2014, Cosplay

UNMC Bunkasai 2014, Cosplay

"Bunkasai UNMC 2014from the Nottingham Photography Society

This collage covers some of the many food/games/doujinshi/display booths available during the event. Super miss playing #2 bon-bon tsuri.

UNMC Bunkasai 2014, Cosplay, Pokemon

Live band performance (^o^ )~♪

UNMC Bunkasai 2014

More cosplayers ... wait what?!(   ̄□ ̄;)

UNMC Bunkasai 2014, Cosplay

UNMC Bunkasai 2014, Cosplay, Pokemon

Sniper alert!

UNMC Bunkasai 2014, Cosplay

UNMC Bunkasai 2014, Cosplay, Naruto

This one is interesting HAHAHAHA

Pocky game, anyone?

UNMC Bunkasai 2014, Cosplay, Free! cosplay

UNMC Bunkasai 2014, Cosplay

UNMC Bunkasai 2014, Cosplay

These are pretty much most of the photos I have selected from the albums, for more check out the links I have included earlier in this post.

Before I end my post, I would like to express my gratitude and extend my sincerest appreciation (as a proud founder) to the UNMC Japanese Society committees/members, cosplayers, doujinshis, and everyone else for making the event a great success! THANK YOU!

Yet another year of awesomeness!! (O v < )-❤

Ok, last photo before I sign off. ROFL-ing when I saw this  ( ≧∇≦ )

UNMC Bunkasai 2014, Cosplay, Pokemon

~ ♥ ~

Something extra~(⌒▽⌒)

Sammy from ChaosInNoTime who attended the event has blogged about her experience attending Bunkasai. Included the link to her post here so you can check her out in Senbozakura version Miku cosplay~

Also Sea Ei, who blogged about the event in his post here. He did an awesome cosplay as Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach.

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