Tuesday 15 January 2013

Review: Clean&Clear Acne Control Cleanser

I'm back again with another review~! Here's another tried and tested skin care review, the Clean&Clear's Active Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser.

Last month I had this really bad acne breakout which resulted from using the HadaLabo cleanser. I love the cleanser but it kinda stripped off a lot of moisture from my skin and I am equally guilty for having gotten a little lazy with my skin care routine then. Anyway, I happened to have received a bunch of Clean&Clear cleansers I received earlier the same month which included the acne clearing cleanser.

Initially I hesitated since this wasn't the brand that I have tried before(I wanted to give it away with the others) and I had some bad history with dirt cheap local acne products that doesn't work *roll eyes*

Still, decided to give it a trial period for 2 weeks_I make it so to dump any acne cleansers that doesn't show results during the period.

Clean&Clear Active Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser 

Clean&Clear Active Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser & other Clean&Clear cleansers

description and manufacturing date at the back of the tube~

This cleanser has an overpowering sparkling apple sorta smell. The transparent gel leathers up when washed and leaves a cold prickly sensation even after rinsing off. I suppose it's to give off a 'refreshing' sensation but I didn't like it... Yuck! It took me almost a bottle to grow immune to the prickly feel_and smell.

Plus, I find my previously less obvious pores seems more 'flared' up and appears larger. I am unsure if there's a connection with the prickly-feely-thingy...

here's how the cleanser looked like 
here's how the cleanser looked like~

 Still, I'm very satisfied with the results which was visible in about 10-12 days! I find the cleanser works by drying out the pimples and cleansing deep into the pores to prevent new pimples from forming up. Also, I notice my then combination skin were less oily around the T-zone d(^o^)b

Overall, if you are not bother much with the smell and sensation the cleanser gives off, this may not be such a bad choice. Plus, I find it's really affordable_not exactly dirt cheaplah_ at about RM7 for a 50g tube(I'll find out the actual price and update soon).

Clean & Clear Active Clear Speed Clearing Gel

Photo from Clean&Clear Malaysia fb page

Right now, I am very tempted to try Clean & Clear Active Clear Speed Clearing Gel which claims to be 'a fast acting micro-gel formula that reduces pimple redness and size in as fast as 4 hours'!! I've read a couple equally good and bad reviews about it from beauty bloggers about this acne gel but I'll try not to judge it too soon considering the cleanser is totally worth the keep!

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